Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together

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Jun 12, 2015 @ 10:57am
Jan 24, 2019 @ 6:45pm
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The Wild Wilderness
34 items
The character Renamon from the popular kids show, Digimon tamers!!

impress your friends with:
Fully custom hand made animations!
A new Custom voice featuring the Shamisen
Brand new model and artwork!

The digitree,
The forge,
Renamons claws (a multi tool), and last but not least

For a complete run down of everything visit the manual!

-Mod instruction manual can be found at-

Renamon includes a transformation at 13 sanity and transforms back when back at 200

Transformation increases hunger rate DRASTICALLY along with your damage ratio.
change log and patch-notes 1-24-19:

1.) Digivice Lights are no longer client sided
2.) 'Ancient digivice' crash was addressed
3.) 'Overheated digivice' received light fix
4.) 'Renamons digivice' light radius was changed.
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Dedicated servers
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Tobi-Doodoo Jun 3 @ 3:16pm 
ty i like this just need to see if it works ive had no luck so far with my mods :(
Renamon  [author] May 11 @ 12:42pm 
'structures' tab. after you build a 'prestihatitator'.
Kamikaze_dalek Apr 28 @ 10:14pm 
In which tab does Renamon make the Digi-Tree?
Walter_Senpai Mar 24 @ 11:58am 
Nice you're amazing btw
Renamon  [author] Mar 24 @ 11:35am 
Hello, since I last updated this mod I worked on some files patched some bugs and put it all somewhere on one of my hard disk drives, if I can find where I left the pre-release/animation files and figure out the decompile/recompile methods I had previously developed for custom animations, also HOW to edit this thing I'll get back to finishing the patch I was developing. If the case is that I have missed out on too much I will try to get back up to speed and fix the mod to work with all the new changes and dlc.
However, there may be some information conflicts (my brain can only swap between so many base coding languages). I have learned different variations of coding languages since I last worked on this project so it may be difficult to remember how I managed this.

I have some spare time and I will give it a shot. However by stating this no promises but i'll see what I can update and what has changed and try to 'refresh' the mod's code.
SaltaPocinhas Mar 23 @ 12:37pm 
Will we be getting an update on the mod anytime soon?
Renamon  [author] Jan 10 @ 10:58pm 
@the great idea: To make a battery, navigate to the refine tab near an alch engine, it takes gold plate and moon metal to "refine" these sub components into batteries.
The Great Idea Jan 10 @ 9:15pm 
it's a really fun mod, but i'm a bit confused, idk how to make batteries? i build the smelting forge thingy, and can melt gold, moon rock etc, but how to make batteries??? help
BOBCAMO Nov 26, 2019 @ 3:19pm 
Return of Them is a free Don't Starve Together expansion
Beta Release Date
May 16, 2019
there is a few updates since you last updated this mod i believe.
yes, easy to get burnt out lol. i'm back on it since SOOO many things i haven't known about or done.
also, i never got to play with her yet, finally just made a celestial portal to change to her eventually lol. but keep in mind also. small things i've found on a couple of other mods has been crashing the server's. which i think was from some of the small updates the last couple weeks. not sure if they'd apply to this.
Renamon  [author] Nov 26, 2019 @ 2:38pm 
one final note on the return of them, if it IS a klei addition, I can and will add the animations to the bank.