~Replacement Legacy Snerdy~   Viet Nam
vvv Info and Comp medal below this list vvv

6s Competitives:
- Season over Div 4 5th place in AFC 18 (Lotus Team - Roamer Soldier)
- Season over Div 3 5th place in AFC 19 (Lotus Team - Demoman)
- Currently playing with super pinoy viet team in AFC 20

HL Competitives:
- Currently in viet hl team playing in ATF2L (Skip season)

Misc Competitives:
- Any misc comp that i can try to participant

Contact me DanielTheLose#1533

Main in HL: Demo, Soldier or Sub: Engi, Heavy
Main in low div 3 6s: Demo and Soldier or Sub: Medic
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Huh i never seen this type of disconnect?
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BlackFumo Sep 27 @ 8:18am 
got kicked for doing the funni. Just why?
Ok, idk...gl
-Vietdani Apr 26 @ 6:40am 
I'm looking for last pyro main, if u have a friend play medic, we kinda need a sub medic :steamthumbsup:
Heeeeeeee snerdy or his frnd? Who is lfp he, I'm not lft but I can look for one...
ephemeral Apr 14 @ 6:21pm 
what main ure looking? hehe
Cesar_123_ Mar 3 @ 2:04pm 
sucka sucka can't make me suffa only make me strong only make me betta