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Competitive Information
6s Competitives: (Retired)
- Season over Div 4 5th place in AFC 18 (Lotus Team - Roamer Soldier)
- Season over Div 3 5th place in AFC 19 (Lotus Team - Demoman)
- Season over Div 3 4th place in AFC 20 (Gug Team - Demoman)
- Season over Div 3 3rd place in AFC 21 (TEAM FORTRESS 2 TEAM - Demoman)
- Season over Steel 2nd place in ATF2L (WorldGroupZiao - Demoman)
- Not playing on Dokla Team on ATF2L (Team Disband cuz captain suspend lol)
- Season over Div 4 - 3 Bottom Place in AFC (Piplup Empired - Pocket soldier)

HL Competitives: (Active for Comp)
- Season over steel UGC in Bak!s Team (Soldier) 4th Place
- Currently still play for Bak!s Team (Scout or Demo)

Misc Competitives:
- If only where i find one...

Contact me DanielTheLose#1533

Available slot for team:
Main in HL: Demo, Scout, Soldier
Sub in HL: Engi, Heavy

Main in
Comp 6s div 3 high: Pocket/Roamer Soldier
Comp 6s div 3 medium: Demoman
Comp 6s Div 3 low: Medic
Comp 6s Div 4 Medium: Pocket/Flank Scout
Favorite Guide
Created by - Laslo
136 ratings
This in-depth guide will show you how to treat your medic right, so that you and your medic become MVPs of the match! It will cover the annoyances of what Medics have to deal with and how to prevent them, how to maximise the medic's potential to become sup
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