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Moody Apr 2 @ 2:36am 
We chatted for about 1-2 hours, and he seemed very amiable, I thought I had found myself a good friend. However, towards the end, the things he said started to make me uncomfortable, as if he was implying something. I asked him directly, "What is your intention by sending these texts and these photos?" When I was open about it, he also frankly explained his intention. It turns out he wanted to engage in homosexual activities with me. I was shocked. I tried to explain gently that such a thing would never happen, that I was interested in women, and that I was not gay—he is a very naive person. He insisted. I cursed his mother and blocked him. He still sends emails and bothers me. He's a real piece of work. I curse the day we met. We've brought trouble upon ourselves.
Dianahuginn Apr 1 @ 10:54am 
good mate
Arashijin Apr 1 @ 6:39am 
lets play?
iMightBeaNinja Mar 30 @ 6:08am 
hey, add me please!:)
Moody Mar 22 @ 4:38pm 
-rep gay
Fifko000 Mar 22 @ 4:34pm 
+rep funny