Weeb   West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
Gender: male Age: 18
Real name: Not telling Any relationship: No

Am i Bisexual: No oh im offline here discord lazyRexklezz#4705 Twin
im starting to clear off my friends list if i removed you dont get a fit over it i might let u back on my friends list/ i only broker items for close friends plz dont add for that
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update soon?
     ____,.r'´  _____,.  `ヽ.___
      レヘ7! !_r!  !__r! 〉!、!:::|
      /:::!⊃  _  ⊂⊃ハ:::|
      !ハ:> 、.,,__  ,.イ::/::::/
       レ'´Vrイ!ー7`'レ、 V
         /|l}>'r,く{:::/ ヽ.   __ノ´)
         ! ';〈!ヘ」>/   i  ,.',..- ''"
          ,|  ';__:::/  ハ//ニヽ.  ) )
       ,.r<:|  i::::/   /::::r>、`ヽ)
       .,i´ ̄ヽ.,__!/、__,//´`ヽi>、
       Lゝ、  .>、i_,.へ´  ,. '´-'´
         ``'く/i'´ ヽ.,>''´
           ヽ.l、__/´ waiting

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A L E H UA Nov 17 @ 11:22pm 
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★Unusual Taunt: Mannrobics
★Unusual Taunt: The Proletariat Posedown

★Unusual Merc's Mohawk - Unusual Effect: Burning Flames
★Electric Hat Protector Corona Australis
★Vintage Max's Severed Head
★Unusual Killer Exclusive - Unusual Effect: Scorching Flames
★Strange Unusual Bonk Boy - Unusual Effect: Sunbeams

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тσиу-¢нσρρєя Nov 4 @ 6:47am 
i dont even know u
Mr.QuaZe Nov 4 @ 6:42am 
Dude pls accept
тσиу-¢нσρρєя Nov 2 @ 6:34am 
so ill be back play i think on monday
тσиу-¢нσρρєя Nov 2 @ 6:34am 
im downloading everything on this new pc i got
That One Kid Oct 30 @ 2:00pm 
pretty good