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Overload is the closest I've seen to something that really feels like a Descent successor. While it's not a perfect game, and the multiplayer component in particular is disappointing compared to the best that Descent 2 offered (mainly thanks to the enormous variety of community-made maps it received), the single player and challenge modes are all incredibly fun. It's also one of the best seated VR games I've played; it's up there with Elite Dangerous and Thumper.

Revival Productions went above and beyond with their development efforts on this game and I really hope it paid off for them. Throughout the Kickstarter alpha period and Early Access they were quick to respond to feedback and even made the effort to port the game not only to Mac but also Linux. They also included custom support for many niche input devices as well as VR, something few developers put in the effort for.

Don't be scared off by that Unity logo. Unity gets a bad reputation because it's free and and it's easy for first-timers to work with, which results in a lot of very amateurish products being made with it. In the hands of a talented developer it's capable of amazing things, and Overload is a showcase of Unity at its best. It's a beautiful game that performs well on a wide variety of hardware, though Unity's famous engine inefficiency does keep it from performing as well as I'd like with the highest settings. It's a challenge to keep a steady 120+ FPS even on a 1080 Ti and overclocked i7-4790K. My ageing CPU is probably the limiting factor there. Unreal or a custom in-house engine might've alleviated this, but would've likely also added unrealistic cost and time to what I imagine was already a lean development cycle considering the game barely met its minimum Kickstarter funding goal.

I highly recommend Overload to anyone looking for a quality game in the nearly abandoned 6DOF shooter genre.

(my key came from backing the game's Kickstarter campaign)
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