BeeBo   Sarawak, Malaysia
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Black Gaming Black (2nd place heavy steel placement)
Shotgun User (1st place heavy steel placement)
Pro Trolling (heavy steel participant)
Black Gaming Grey (heavy steel participant)
The Idiot Box (heavy steel participant)
Hazel ( heavy platinum participant)


The Coal Mines: (heavy steel participant)
Kingsmen (heavy steel participant)


sugomarea (medic div 3 3rd place)

current team:

Sugomerea Div3 6's (main medic)
Hazel Platinum HL (main heavy)


trade link: link:

twitter: my artworks goes here @PineAppuldraws

Discord tag: PineAppul#1990

steam link:

deviant art:

UGC page:

YT page:



fufufu moments:

Are you a fart? Because you blew me away

tiny nut:
a pizza with oof pineapples walking in straight line is impossible to headshot

vector 771:
o and i cam bak 2 tee eff 2 cani geet me stroonge meemdickgun bak yeet?

megumin boi:
mahaw mask is geiy

queen karen:
Even my close friend like atemic haven’t massage me

i shall nek rop ma seyf

frusty boi:
more like fuzzley wuzzley uwu x3 times with red

I can concur he almost rub my penerinos

you wan buy my virginity?

hora the bunni:
I am hugeeee and gonna nom all of youuu :D

hello good sir, I am an art student majoring in hyper realism. Currently my professor has told us to draw a portrait of precise anatomy of a male human body. i have gotten all but last one reference and now i desperately need the last reference which is your genitals also known as the penis. Right now for my assignment i was hoping you being a humble man volunteers to send some nude pictures of yourself so i could finish my assignment as soon as possible.

U Asian fruitos boi short

open botsecks arrt qill pay kis

this malaysian boi tryhard. go tryhard to girlz and u get gf fufu

DONG DONG QIANG GONG XI FA CAI ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ IT’S THE YEAR OF THE OX and you know what that means you qipao ♥♥♥♥♥ , It’s time to show your AHGONG and AHMA your PHATTEST mandarin oranges and recieve the THICCEST HONGBAOS get your love letters ready for some of your 大哥’s HUGE 懒觉 Don’t forget to visit your relatives and suck on BAKKWA juices to get MORE HONGBAOS Send this to of your most SUPERSTITIOUS ♥♥♥♥♥ and get a sexy LION DANCE this CNY If you get - of these back, you won't get to enjoy any of that 大肉干 If you get - of these back your 年年有 If you get more than back your flat chinese ass will be screaming HUAT AH tonight

gong BGB:
Mengapakah penyamar itu SUS!!
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