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You may see a weird name here. I just do stupid stuff in TF2. Don't worry.

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Captainsomke Sep 19 @ 1:18am 
hey. sry i have to write it in german: mein bild ist zu groß und ich kann es nicht ändern, was soll ich da machen?
LEM Sep 14 @ 6:12am 
Hi , I'm playing paladins on steam and when I linked my account to hi rez, when entering the game it asks me to enter a new nickname, I don't have access to the old acc, maybe you can recommend something or help
Glee_buss Aug 29 @ 1:39pm 
i have a problem with my steam account, I lost all my progress. I played Paladins for more than 100 hours in beta, after a few years I logged into my account and my progress disappeared, can help me restore progress? i dont know what to do.
agriCULTURE Aug 22 @ 9:57pm 
Hello, myself and many other players are having issues with the game failing to launch due to code execution not proceeding because MSVCP110.dll cant be found. Everything I have is up to date and my PC exceeds all reccomended specs. Is there a solution for this?
aspecto Aug 18 @ 3:54pm 
hello, i have a problem with skull points in paladins
I dont receive any of these points from daily missions for half a year, i still have zero points.
I hope you will help
amaterasu眼 Aug 8 @ 8:41am 
Hi. I have a suggestion for realm royale. And a question on the same topic. When is the update expected, because this game would be cool to see a battle pass or something like that. Well, a new class. You can create something similar to the old engineer, but a little redone. Because his jump-up ability was completely useless. Some more cool skins could also be added. Since the rotation in the store, although quite large, is repeated. And I would like something colorful. Players who play on an ongoing basis will not mind purchasing these skins. I think here it is in your favor and the players, since we enjoy the game, and you have money in return for this adventure. I hope you see this message and respond to it.