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Don't add me for trades you worthless human

If you are some retard who wants to promote your stupid shit don't fucking add me loser!
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Lord Cockswain Jun 23 @ 4:30am 
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Sounds like me
phong_ Jun 23 @ 4:05am 
When I was 19, I just got my first apartment. Behind this apartment, there was a wooded area that I would often take walks through. I noticed someone had made a camp there. His name was Blanc. When it started getting colder, I offered him the spare room for nights when it would get really, really cold. He would sit in there and laugh. Hysterically. I mean, it was one of those psychotic, creepy laughs that we could hear clearly in all rooms of the house. I could hear him argue with himself, and what sounded like slapping himself. Eventually, I asked him what the situation was, and he rattled off this story about how the government fed him LSD and he had to check in with them every 20 minutes or else they'd trigger an explosive in his head. One night, I woke up in the middle of the night to find him standing over my bed, masturbating. Needless to say, I kicked him out. I moved shortly thereafter. Now he is stalking me online. That is the story about “that guy” :(
Blanc Jun 23 @ 3:15am 
"that guy" :(