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Level 61 Glyphid Dreadnought   Florida, United States
If you want to know anything about me, please click View more info. It'll save us both the trouble.
Since some of you dense truckers don't know how to leave comments (note how I say "some", not "all"), I'll resort to accepting and asking why you added me via chat.
I am currently twenty-four years old. (Bruh.)
I am here. Yes. Unless I'm actually not. I use Discord anyway.

Random Quotes I made up/found
"The one point where I think everything is a game. - No wait, it is."
"Sure thing."
"Sorry, not sorry."
"You are ded, not big soup rice."
"Welcome to :csgoglobe:Global Fortress 2: Team Offensive."
" Stablize, Cauterize, Purify. "
"You feel a cold uneasy breeze, the ground shaking under you- you know this'll be a terrible night..."
"How many heads will I put on a swivel today with this new look?"
"I'm going to need short tables and seats. I'm only 3 feet tall."

Why I Love Sawmill
I love sawmill, as I enjoy seeing other people get killed by the saw blades.. Especially when they walk into one without watching where they were going and watch as their corpse glide across the room. (Just like the other day when that one scout flew out of the building at the center..)

P.S. I don't usually ask for emotional support unless I need it..- I also love Sentry Turrets and Citranium! :sentry: :50sturret: :p2turret: :citranium:
P.P.S. Mention the Tommy Turret in your comment if you plan on adding me.
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Looks like you've stumbled across my Profile, huh?
About Me_
Just a quick bio.
• I am currently twenty-four (24) years of age.
• I have a Steam Level of 61.
• Yes, I have a Discord. Ask me for it if you're a friend. (Or don't, that's fine too I suppose.)
• I do NOT have any alts here on Steam. Anyone that proclaims to be me (not sure why they would) is an impostor.
• I am friendly...for the most part. Don't agitate me and we'll get along just fine.
• I enjoy gaming. Most favorite games being TF2, Portal and P2, Starbound, Trove, and several others.
• I like to make screenshots (art if you want) in Gmod in my spare time.
• I do NOT trade unless I know you well.
• I'm not going to judge you for your orientation or ethnicity.
• I don't send friend requests (outgoing) to others unless it's a retrieval.

Primary Statuses_
• In-Game - You can chat to me, but I might not respond as soon as possible. If I don't respond at all, Steam's Overlay UI probably broke like it usually does.
• Online - Feel free to chat to me! I'm open for conversation.
• Mobile - I'm limited to chatting, but I'll try my best to respond.
• Away - Either as it says, I fell asleep, or Steam decided to toggle on by itself. Same applies to Online if I don't reply to you.
• Busy [Deprecated] - As it says. Chat to me at your own risk.
• Offline - Either I want to be left alone, Steam had a stroke, my internet had a stroke, I'm actually not on Steam, or I'm frickin' dead.

Whoa there! Before you smash your face on the Add Friend button, I suggest you read this first:
• You must have at least two (2) games or more on your profile.
• You must have a Steam Level of 5 or higher.
• If you want to add me, comment on my profile as to why you added me.
• Don't be afraid to talk to me, really. There's a few that are actually nervous to speak to me, and no, I'm not disclosing as to why they are or who they are.
• If you have not read this and try to add me, I will decline your request on the spot.
• If you got this far without skimming through, mention Citranium in your comment.
• Exceptions can be made if you prove yourself if you're under the Steam Level of 5.
• Don't add me for trading. I only do that with a closed group of friends.
• Don't add me if you're a phisher. This is obvious.
• If you agitate me in a negative way, expect to be removed.
• Add me just because of my profile picture and I'm hard pressing the Remove Friend button.
• If I removed you, don't expect me to add you back. Give me a reason as to why I should and I'll think about it. (Unless it was during an FL polish. Notify me.)

Best Friends_
Hah! Just kidding! I'm not going to rank friends here. One, that's selfish, and two, it could possibly make others jealous or upset. And no, I'm not discouraging anyone that does make these, I just prefer not to.

Friends List Polish Statistics_
Last Cleanup: 8/27/22 at 23:46 EST. (August 27th, 2022 at 11:46 PM EST)
Previous Count: 68
Players Removed: 16
New Count: 52
Returns: 0

Nothing else here as of now. That'll be all. And have a can of Citranium since you got down here. :citranium:
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zmanandtails Sep 2 @ 9:27pm 
Happy 24th birthday!
λjax+ Hooves Aug 29 @ 9:05pm 
U 2!
Real Glyphid Hours Aug 29 @ 2:45pm 
Farewell! Be safe!
λjax+ Hooves Aug 29 @ 9:45am 
bye m8! <3
Syera Aug 28 @ 2:18pm 
Take care of yourself, I wish you the best!
Lunar 𒈗 Aug 28 @ 2:04pm 
Thank you, it was a pleasure being your friend.