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What do I do?   Wisconsin, United States
🎶 Wouldn't it be safer not to dance, not to drink? 🎶🎶 Wouldn't it be better to love, not to live? Not to.. 🎶

Random things and (funny) quotes
"Do those hearts even matter?" - Lunar's head 2015
"Anything could end a life, so make everyday a good day. Even if it's depressing" - Lunar 2015
"Being alive ain't easy, but being dead is dreadful" - Lunar 2015
"Why lie? It could lead to a disaster, lying could lead to something really bad, or just bad in general. You could lose a friends, or someone close could betray you" - Lunar 2015
"The past is hell, the present can be undecided, and you can make the future brighter"- Lunar 2015
"Out of all the wires I chose the exit" - Lunar 2015
"welcome to cs sauce lets go to de_seasoning" -Bampercars 2015
"Gonna name my strange medigun the Anal destroyer" - Bampers 2015
"Stop vibrating my dick!" - A IRL friend 2016
"If I say it's sticky, why would you sniff it!?" - A IRL friend 2016
"Rotation scrotation" - Lunar 2016
"Watch out for the finger" - PaladinRyan1001 2016
"You got my money bitch?" - Brownie 2016
"Why is there so many fat men chasing me?!" - Brownie 2016
"You can say what you want about yourself, but it's not what you are" - Lunar 2016
"My anus is bleeding!" - Conan 2016
"The Moon is a star" -PaladinRyan1001 2016
"Vaginal headshot" -Lunar 2016
"I'm a puppeteer of myself" - Lunar 2016
"Missed your piss" - PaladinRyan1001 2016
"You're not getting it in the butt, you're getting it in the front butt" - A IRL person 2016
"Prinny squad roll out" - PaladinRyan1001 2016
"Kunchers" - Lunar 2016
"That's the nope train of fuckthatville" - My Dad 2016
"I'm like medicine" - Lunar 2016
"Chips, or dicks?.." - An IRL friend 2016
"Remember not of whom I am" - Lunar 2016
"Come out and break your legs, and murder them" - PaladinRyan1001 2017
"Call 1-800-REVIVE, to get revived" - FlipFTW 2017
"May tomorrow ever be in your favor" - Lunar 2017
"Time is limited to thyself, but unlimited to those who live in it" - Lunar 2019
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Sexual orientation: Bi Curious

I'm a INFJ [www.16personalities.com]

Ref. of My OC

Sex: Stallion (Male)
Coat: Lavender
Mane: Striped color of black and gold
Race: Batpony
Eyes: Light Blue
Cutiemark: A black heart with a grey inner heart that's cracked half way down. (cracked half way down grey heart. Not the black one)

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The future is what we gives us change in our lives, in the present times. But we always look back in the past, of the dark and bright days that we wish to have. Patience is always the key to everything. Well mostly everything. But we look at the future as this bright and peaceful place, but we all make the future in our own eyes and mind. We do what we want to do, but others get in the way to not let you make a mistake or stop you from doing good. Stand up for yourself and go find or do what you want. It's only you to discover mistakes and discoveries. Let your life shine, like a star in the night. Even if you don't shine as bright, you're still a one-of-a-kind.

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