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Profile stuff, read below! :D

Steam Leveling Service - 1700EXP/Key - Bot
Hello everyone, I started up my Leveling Service bot by the 31/1-17.
My Steam Leveling Service Group
Bot 1: 3 Holiday Sets/CS:Go Key
Bot 2: 1700EXP/CS:Go Key
Bot 3: 1700EXP/CS:Go Key
All the information will be in the group, just click on the link above!
If you run into any issues, feel free to let me know!

When adding me!:
1. Post a comment on my profile why adding me!
2. Do NOT beg for free items, this will result in a block. ;) - (Getting tired of 20+ msgs a day "please give me this and this")
3. Please respect that I'm only a human and can't accept invites every 2 minutes. :)
4. I've been a trader for roughly 3 years, please don't even bother making these silly scam attempts on me. :)
5. I do NOT trade skins!

1:1 Trading Card Bot
Hello everyone, I've recently set up a 1:1 trading card bot.
The purpose of my trading card bot, is to help you guys finish your sets.
My bot will accept any trade offer you send, 1:1 within the same set non foil.
If you're having any troubles feel free to leave a comment!

Trade Bots Profile
Trade Bots STM quickmatch [www.steamtradematcher.com]
Trade Bots Tradelink

About me:
Hello everybody!
My name is Sebastian, I'm a student and I study Math and Physics.
As you might see below and on my profile, I'm a crazy collector, just started setting some personal goals for my steam profile :)
Also I'm surprisingly good at getting injuries doing sport. :)
(More coming soon)

4. December 2014:
Games Owned: 690
DLC's Owned: 406
Level: 45

Goals for Winter Sale 2014:
Reach level 65+ as of the 12. December 2014 completed!
Reach level 80+ as of the 28. December 2014 completed!
Reach level 85+ as of the 29. December 2014 completed!
Reach level 90+ as of the 29. December 2014 completed!
Reach 800+ games as of the 5. December 2014 completed!
Reach 1000+ games as of the 26. December 2014 completed!

Goals for Summer Sale 2015:
Reach level 85+ as of the 29. December 2014 completed!
Reach 1000+ games as of the 26. December 2014 completed!

Goals for Winter Sale 2015:
Reach level 100+ as of the 9. December 2015 completed!
Reach level 115+ as of the 11. December 2015 completed!
Reach 1337+ games as of the 17. September 2015 completed!
Reach 1500+ games as of the 21. September 2015 completed!
Reach 2000+ games as of the 27. Oktober 2015 completed!
Reach 2222+ games as of the 3. December 2015 completed!
Reach 2400+ games as of the 26. December 2015 completed!

Goals for Winter Sale 2016:
Reach level 150+ as of the 22. December 2016 completed!
Reach level 200+ as of the 27. December 2016 completed!
Reach 3333+ games as of the 28. Oktober 2016 completed!
Reach 3500+ games as of the 9. September 2016 completed!
Reach 3750+ games as of the 19. December 2016 completed!
Reach 4000+ games as of the 29. December 2016 completed!

Goals for Summer Sale 2017:
Reach level 250+ as of the 31. January 2017 completed!
Reach level 300+ as of the 15. June 2017 completed!
Reach level 360+
Reach 4500+ games as of the 25. June 2017 completed!

"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else."
-Albert Einstein

"The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows."
-Aristotle Onassis

"There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else."
-Sam Walton

"When you're with your back against a wall, break that fucking wall down"
-Harvey Specter
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Obey, Obey, Obey. Yea I don't think so!

First off, this game is SUPER unique, I've honestly never played any game like this before.
When I first started playing this game, I went straight for the tutorial and right after to the multiplayer part.
I quickly met this super friendly guy in-game, who was eager to show and teach me how exactly this game worked and some of the aspects in the game, which the tutorial simply couldn't show you.
It turns out, this great guy was the developer of the game, he's a really friendly and nice guy.

In this game you're a cute little bunny, your mission is to first achieve a certain amount of money.
There are different ways to do this, however, you can either be an obedient bunny and do as the robot tells you or be the disobedient bunny and take control over the robot, and start controlling the obedient bunnies.
When playing as the robot, make sure to keep track of your obedient/disobedient bunnies and make deals with them. This way they'll keep OBEYing you and you'll stay in control.

+ Super great potential.
+ Extremely friendly community.
+ Great strategy game.
+ Negotiating with people. (Deny, deny, deny. If that doesn't work then just lie, lie, lie).
+ Choice between being the evil robot or the obedient/disobedient bunny.
+ Great response time from developer.
+ Nice variation in maps. (Game includes level editor)

- If you don't have a mic, this game could become a little challenging.
- Not super many players yet. (This is where you come into the picture, JUST BUY IT!).

A tip I would like to give you all, "when" you buy this game is: Start out with the tutorial and try listening closely to what it tells you. When you have done that, go for an hour or two in multiplayer to get a grasp of the game and then turn back to the tutorial. I myself felt like I didn't completely understand the game after the first tutorial attempt, a bit much information to grasp for me atleast, but when I played a bit of multiplayer and got a hang of how stuff worked, I took a quick turn back to the tutorial and it just suddenly made a whole bunch of sense.

I rate this game atleast 9/10, close to 10/10.

Would I buy this game?
Hell yea!

Would I recommend you to buy the game?
Yes, I'd even recommend you to buy a 4-pack to share with your friends!


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Level up on Steam: Quick, Cheap and Simple. - 1700EXP/CS:Go Key
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