Russian Federation
There's few reasons why people can get salty:
-Think better of yourself than you actually are;
-Always assume bad about your opponent's skill;
-Random crits.

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Why are you even going to read this?

Team Fortress 2
Classes I prefer to play:
Scout, Heavy, Medic, Sniper, Spy(main)

Competitive mode:
I achieved last rank in beta MM going Spy solo Rank 18 "Death Merchant" and played ~700+games *lies*
After beta achieved rank 18 "Death merchant" going Medic *lies*

Top Duel Wins
Duels won: 6304
Dueler owner: 25x times
Days in a row: 7

The Gifting Man From Gifting Land owner: 1 time

Community events completed:
Titanium tank
Canteen Crasher
Memes vs Machines
Madness vs Machines

Two cities - 14tours: 13 tours as Spy, 1 as Sniper

Unusuals owned (b4 cr8 depression):
Stout Shako: Purple Confetti
Nanobalaclaca: Smoking
Samur-Eye: Steaming
Counterfeit Billycock: Memory Leak
Liquidator's Lid: Aces High
Deep Cover Operator: Tesla Coil
Strange Deep Cover Operator: Aces High
Deep Cover Operator: Blizzardly Storm

Australium owned:
2 Ambassadors

BattleTag: EmeraldSnake#2733
Games won: ~1902
Hours Played: ~603
Comp seasons played: 2-14
Career highest rank: Platinum 2775 SR
Completed PVE events on legendary:
Uprising: Tracer: 2
Retribution: Reaper: 2, Mccree: 1
Junkenstein's revenge: Soldier: 76: 1

Metal Gear Solid V
-Vanguard Sharpshooter
Playing it from time to time, just to keep staff morale in check
2nd place [] in metal gear informer's screenshot contest

Metal Gear Online 3:
Top 100 Cloak and Dagger player

Rainbow Six Siege
Level: 106
Highest rank: Silver II

Counter Strike: Global Offensive
154 competitive matches won
Highest rank: Gold Nova Master
Danger Zone Winner: 4

Mortal Kombat 11
Sub-Zero/Shang Tsung main

Kombat League
Season I-V: Elder God

Top10 AI Only

-Developer Slayer

Mortal Kombat X
Sub-Zero/Triborg main

Top100 PvP
Top100 KOTH Survivor

-Developer Slayer

Mortal Kombat 9
Sub-Zero/Smoke main

Top100 Ranked Tag Match

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round
Solo: S+
Tag: C-

Top10 Hayabusa player

Maps: dr_ninjarun (Not even sure about the name)
TF2 spy revolver " Escape Artist "
TFC Spy model

Yes. Sometimes I'm mapping, animating and modelling when I like to create something awesome and cool stuff, besides playing games, training or learning all day
Check out my workshop submissions if you interested, m8

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