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There's few reasons why people can get salty:
-Think better of yourself than you actually are;
-Always underastimate your opponent;
-Random crits.

Be humble or be humbled.

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Why are you even going to read this?

Team Fortress 2
Classes I prefer to play:
Scout, Heavy, Medic, Sniper, Spy(main)

Competitive mode:
I achieved last rank in beta MM going Spy solo Rank 18 "Death Merchant" and played ~700+ games *lies*
After beta achieved rank 18 "Death merchant" going Medic *lies*

Top Duel Wins
Duels won: 25570 (Top 100 dueler)
Dueler owner: 43x times
Days in a row: 7

Gifting Man From Gifting Land owner: 1x times

Philateler owner: 1x times

Top 10 supporter of Suijin

Community events completed:
Titanium Tank
Canteen Crasher
Memes vs Machines
Madness vs Machines
Mashed Mediocrity
Titanium Tank: Reforged

Two cities - 14tours: 13 tours as Spy, 1 as Sniper

Unusuals owned (b4 cr8 depression):
Stout Shako: Purple Confetti
Nanobalaclaca: Smoking
Samur-Eye: Steaming
Counterfeit Billycock: Memory Leak
Liquidator's Lid: Aces High
Deep Cover Operator: Tesla Coil
Strange Deep Cover Operator: Aces High
Most Wanted: Spooky Night
Disco Fever: Ominous Night
Disco Fever: Fountain of Delight
Cool Night Owl Sniper Rifle
Deep Cover Operator: Blizzardly Storm
Hottie's Hoodie: Smoking

Australiums owned:
3 Ambassadors

-KritzKast's World Famous Edging Competition Feb 2020 RNG Winner
(Unique Lo-Fi Longwave)

-Random Acts of TF2 Hall of Fame Gifter

BattleTag: EmeraldSnake#2733
Games won: ~1902
Hours Played: ~603
Comp seasons played: 2-14
Career highest rank: Platinum 2775 SR
Completed PVE events on legendary:
Uprising: Tracer: 2
Retribution: Reaper: 2, Mccree: 1
Junkenstein's revenge: Soldier: 76: 1

Metal Gear Solid V
-Vanguard Sharpshooter
Playing it from time to time, just to keep staff morale in check
2nd place [] in metal gear informer's screenshot contest

Metal Gear Online 3:
Top 100 Cloak and Dagger player

DOOM 2016:

Counter Strike: Global Offensive
155 competitive matches won
Lowest rank: Silver II
Highest rank: Gold Nova Master
Danger Zone Winner: 4

Mortal Kombat 11
Sub-Zero/Shang Tsung main

Kombat League
Season I-V, VII-XII: Elder God

Top10 AI Only

-Developer Slayer

Mortal Kombat X
Sub-Zero main

Top100 PvP
Top100 KOTH Survivor

-Developer Slayer

Mortal Kombat 9
Sub-Zero/Smoke main

Top10 Ranked Tag Match

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round
Solo: S+
Tag: C-

Top10 Hayabusa player

Maps: dr_ninjarun (Not even sure about the name)
TF2 spy revolver " Escape Artist "
TFC Spy model

Yes. Sometimes I'm mapping, animating and modelling when I like to create something awesome and cool stuff, besides playing games, training or learning all day
Check out my workshop submissions if you interested, m8
Currently Offline
Artwork Showcase
Way of the recent
44 6 2
Are you trading?
I'm selling only duplicates of items I have and buying items I'm interested at the moment (which is very rare), so I'm not hardcore trader

Can I add you?
If I know you in real life (tell me before adding), we played together a lot or we have at least 1 common friend then probably I'll accept your friend request.
Otherwise I'll ignore, don't know you at all or you didn't comment on my profile why you want to add me.
So don't take it personally.

Why you're not replying in steam m8?
Probably I'm afk or playing something that not in steam, that you can check here if you wondering... :Rubber_Duck:

Are you working on some projects?
Yes maybe ...

You seem to be mute type and never talk too much person, huh?
If I don't talk with you first or don't say "Oi" for a long time it doesn't mean I'm ignoring or don't wish to talk with you. If you feeling like having a lil' chat with me, feel free to do so (if I'm not away or not busy atm)

What do I have to do to get your attention?
Be yourself. Just be yourself.

TF2 Competitive events history:
TFNew 6s Newbie Cup
Cup 3 - The Bongo Cats 2.0 (Team 5) - Medic: 2nd place
Cup 5 - L1m3 (Team 11) - Captain: Pocket Scout/Heavy/Sniper: Playoffs

Streamer Cup
Cup 1 - Mad milk isn't milk - Medic

Vanilla Fortress
Season 1 - Open - Crystal Snakes: Captain

Cup 1 - heh - Spy: 2nd place

The Ultimate Ultiduo
Tournament 3 - Kommunity - Medic

Cap That Cup
Cup 1 - Crystal Snakes: Captain - Scout/Medic: 3rd place

Cup 1 - Division 2 - heh - Spy
Cup 2 - Open/Low - Mamini Negodniki - Scout/Sniper

United Dodgeball League
Cup 2 - Crystal Snakes: Captain
Season 1 - Crystal Snakes: Captain

Midnight Moon
Cup 1 - [Low-Mid] - heh - Heavy/Spy: 3rd place

TF Arena
Cup 1 - heh: Captain - Medic/Spy

Season 1 NA - MiniTournament Staff - Heavy/Medic

The Late Night TF2 Cup
Cup 1 - Main - heh: Captain-Scout/Soldier/Medic/Spy

European Bball League
One Day Cup - Crystal Snakes: Captain
Season 4 - Open -Crystal Snakes: Captain

Classic MGE Cup
Season 2 - Crystal Snakes: Playoffs

Ready Steady PAN []
Season 3 EU - PANdemic - Scout/Sniper(Sub)
Season 4 EU - Panboozled - Scout/Sniper(Sub): Playoffs
Season 5 EU - Panboozled - Scout/Sniper(Sub): Playoffs

RGL []
Prolander EU-Fresh Meat Cup
#2 - Boinkers - Sniper/Spy: 3rd place

Highlander NA-RGL-Exp. Cup HL RGL
#1 - Trainboy Trick-or-Treaters-Scout: 1st place

Season 2 - Intermediate - Trainboy Trick-or-Treaters - Scout/Sniper(Sub)
Season 3 - Intermediate - team - Sniper/Spy(Sub); Sniper main from week 4: Playoffs

Season 6 - Open - team - Sniper(Sub): Playoffs

ETF2L []
ETF2L 6v6
Season 33 - Open - Medic Took 1 - Scout/Medic

ETF2L 9v9 HL
Season 19 - Open - Kaiser Esports - Spy

UGC []
Season 28 HL EU
Lancaster Gaming - Euro Silver - Spy: Playoffs

Mercenary (Officials) :
ETF2L The Fresh Meat Challenge #2
fresh heh - Medic(Buddy)

ETF2L 9v9 HL
Season 18 - Kaiser Esports - Open - Spy

UGC 6v6 EU
Season 33 - Europe - Shaft Crew - Scout

Russian Highlander
Season 3 - InstantReaction - Novosibirskiy (fresh/open) - Scout: Semi-Finals

United Dodgeball League
Season 1:
Village Idiots
Zetix Moment
Fall Damage

Cup 2 - добрый мопс анатолий - Open/Low - Sniper: Semi-Finals

Staff :
Pug hoster of KnightComp before season 1

MiniTournament Season 1-Moderator

Pug hoster of TFArena before season 1

Administrator and co-owner of MiniTournament

Artist (map editor) and Moderator of United Dodgeball League in season 1

MK competitive events history:
MKX | Первый ONLINE турнир

MK11 | PC Fight Night 5

MK11 | Второй Турнир на ПеКа

MK11 | PC League 3
Screenshot Showcase
Target practice
14 1 1
Achievement Showcase
Perfect Games
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