Atlanta, Georgia, United States
G'day all MrPaladin here. I'm a gamer and Youtuber from Australia who lives in the USA near Atlanta GA.

I make Funny and informative videos on Youtube

Most questions you might have for me have been answered in the FAQ of my steam group or in my Q&A videos so I do prompt you to check them out.

If you want to find me ingame, join my steam profile! If I don't want you to join my profile will not be online!

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Steezy Mar 1, 2021 @ 7:39am 
One of the only streamers who gave me the time of day. A legendary Tf2 content creator.
Naleksuh Apr 17, 2020 @ 10:27am 
Truly everyone is a soldier at heart
Skabbety Oct 21, 2019 @ 9:54pm 
+Rep great Spy and fantastic YouTube channel.
arceus413 Jun 16, 2018 @ 8:39pm 
Artorias the Abysswalker Mar 15, 2018 @ 12:43am 
Ahab Feb 7, 2018 @ 4:39am