Mr. Dubstab
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Ask for any trade! (Send trade offer.)
- Hates + Funny videos.
- BBF (= Best Buddy Forever)

- The biggest mistake you will ever make with me is judging ANYONE (doesn't even have to be me) FOR THEIR SEXUALITY.
- Having me in his/her friendslist (in case of emergancy) and using with trade purposes.
- Trying to buy me to clear your reputation.

Funny videos:
The amazing medic.
Face your fears! >:(

BBF (=Best Buddy Forever)
- Shady : Best medic ever.. Thanks for all the great laughing times we have had and all the good rounds we have won as a spy-medic combination.
- Jasmine : She listens to you anytime you need it. I appreciate all the time she has spent on me just to make me feel a lot better. She is a good friend, because of so many reasons.. It is just unexplainable.
- Martijn : Oh, dear.. I don't even know how many calls we have had in Skype.. We have had our funniest moments, sometimes while playing on DeathRun, but also our serious moments when we had the same thoughts about something, which should be discussed. I appreciate all the time we have had and all the time we are going to spent in calls and games.
- Monkey : Just by stopping by and say hello I already appreciate you. You are interested in my life, which you always find a way to get fun with. I appreciate all the funny times we have had. And in all honesty, I would love to meet up with you in person.. Though, it is still a shit amount of kilometers. =x
- Dongle (or Dingle. => ) : We know each other not for too long. I love how you are such an open book, as I have told you so many times. You understand everything I am strugling with. You know the feeling, you know how to deal with it. I like how you come up with how your toughts about something I tell you.
- My dearest friend : You're amazing! <3
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Fun chats.
Fuffeh #1:
23:45 - Fuffeh TF2-T: I can be rude, but there is no rule against that
23:45 - -[FF-A]- Mr. Dubstab: So why do you ban him for being rude then?
23:45 - Fuffeh TF2-T: he was not rude
23:46 - -[FF-A]- Mr. Dubstab: Reason What a rude thing to say
23:46 - Fuffeh TF2-T: He like threw out slurs out of nowhere
23:46 - -[FF-A]- Mr. Dubstab: That is what the ban is saying?
23:46 - Fuffeh TF2-T: are you even listening?
23:46 - Fuffeh TF2-T: because you are wasting my time
23:46 - -[FF-A]- Mr. Dubstab: Oh, dear. Nvm then..
23:46 - -[FF-A]- Mr. Dubstab: Going to post this on my profile though. LOL.
23:47 - Fuffeh TF2-T: Lol, proves that you're a nigger
23:47 - Fuffeh TF2-T: blocked

Batta #1:
* ^ I was stuck like that ^ *
*DEAD* [VIP] Batta Swing (Scooty Puff) : Dub has swag
*DEAD* [VIP] Batta Swing (Scooty Puff) : Air swag
*DEAD* [VIP] Batta Swing (Scooty Puff) : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
*DEAD* [VIP] Batta Swing (Scooty Puff) : I BELIVE I CAN FLY
-[FF-A]- Mr. Dubstab: *Over voice chat* I BELIEVE I CAN no.
[SM] '-[FF-A]- Mr. Dubstab' was teleported
*DEAD* [VIP] Batta Swing (Scooty Puff) : Dub lel you made me spit out my milk
*DEAD* [VIP] Batta Swing (Scooty Puff) : When u sang
*DEAD* [VIP] Batta Swing (Scooty Puff) : I BELIVE I CAN-No

In private messages:
16:46 - -[FF-A]- Mr. Dubstab: Was your milk all over the screen? :3
16:46 - Batta Swing (Scooty Puff): lol yea dude
16:46 - -[FF-A]- Mr. Dubstab: Hahahahha! xD
16:47 - Batta Swing (Scooty Puff): lel
16:47 - Batta Swing (Scooty Puff): New rule don't drink things when dub is stuck
16:47 - -[FF-A]- Mr. Dubstab: I BELIEVE I CAN no.
16:47 - -[FF-A]- Mr. Dubstab: xD
16:47 - Batta Swing (Scooty Puff): :p
16:48 - -[FF-A]- Mr. Dubstab: I would have loved a picture of that.
16:48 - Batta Swing (Scooty Puff): Forgot to screen it
16:48 - Batta Swing (Scooty Puff): lool
16:48 - -[FF-A]- Mr. Dubstab: A print screen from you laughing + a wet/milked computerscreen?
16:48 - -[FF-A]- Mr. Dubstab: How the fuck would you do that!?
16:48 - Batta Swing (Scooty Puff): lel
16:48 - Batta Swing (Scooty Puff): I though u ment
16:48 - Batta Swing (Scooty Puff): of u in the air
16:49 - -[FF-A]- Mr. Dubstab: I got a screen of that shee.
16:49 - Batta Swing (Scooty Puff): Ya shee

Martijn #1:
22:05 - -[FF-A]- M๖rtijn_V |BG|: I aplied fur oner

DAWG #1:
16:49 - DAWG: you know wut I just realized, the festive eyelander looks like it has a condom streched over the top of it

Fr33styl3r #1:
21:51 - FragXL | Fr33styl3r [Raphat]: And I remember fire was there
21:51 - FragXL | Fr33styl3r [Raphat]: and I called him noob
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