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#Please do not add me if you want to report bad behaviour. Use the Forums to file any reports#
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The quickest way would be to join our discord: and ping me with your request.

I sadly won't be able to help you if:

• You want to install your own server and don't know how to.
• You want to report a player. Use the forums to file a report :
• Want my custom plugins for free. Do you really think I just give hard work away?
• You just want to have me on your friendslist, because I'm the owner of a community

Random notes

If you send me any random group invitations, I'll have to remove you from my list.

Unless I know why you are adding me, it is recommended to post a comment as to why you want to add me.

Thanks for reading

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Sniper WWIII Nov 23 @ 12:18pm 
Happy Thanksgiving!
The Throngler Nov 14 @ 8:12pm 
Jesus dude, you are still malding on his profile?
ʍoʍ | Nov 12 @ 4:19pm 
Thats why it comes to my attention your staff are too lazy to even do there job. I don't understand why a owner like you don't help people with this ♥♥♥♥. You need to fire all your stuff who don't care about what they do. Some admins and Moderators do care to help and are friendly but the rest are ♥♥♥♥. So this is what I say.


ʍoʍ | Nov 12 @ 4:18pm 
Or like how I made a report about someone cheating and they don't care and decline it because they are blind as ♥♥♥♥. Your moderation is like skial's moderation and not giving a single crap about what goes on. I know your nto seeing this because you ignore people becase of this but to be honest your not even that good or your moderation staff is that good either. Like damn other server admins respond well but you don't care. The admins and Moderators are supose to respond to my request but they don't care and say their not interested like saying they allow racism to be in their servers.
ʍoʍ | Nov 12 @ 4:18pm 
Bad owner doesn't have good admins when they don't see the true cause of there servers going bad. He needs to get his glasses on and see the admins who are abusing their power like 1000 cold knights abuses his power and doesn't care what he does, viking34 the worst admin doesn't seem to see about cheaters when they have silent aim and he unbans them. He doesn't know what silent aimbot is and doesn't care about his power. Benedevil if I had to rate your moderation staff I would say like a 1.2/10 since they don't know how to solve when people like me made a lot of reports like how I made a report about someone saying the F slur and they decline it.
Mr_Sir Nov 7 @ 10:58am 
+ rep very good at fixing trash code XD