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Comment down below why you're adding me :steammocking:

kick ape pyro ok ty)
Yo, I'm Herald11 and I play mvm. I am not fond of gas pyros, non f4/f1 players, and rage heavies. If you are kicked by me and you join back, you usually will have another chance to improve unless you were using gas.

I typically add/accept good players.

Here are some rules of mvm:

1. No playing gas pyro, if you are using gas prepare to be retryspammed/kicked

2. Do not act stupid when you are given advice.

3. Always press f1 when someone good launches a vote. You not pressing f1 will result in a kick.

4. If I'm actually trying to give you advice, don't ignore it.

5. Always f4 quickly - never be the last to press f4.

Mecha Engine:

Australium Scattergun: tour 9
Australium Blutsauger: tour 15
Australium Force-A-Nature: 17
Australium Stickybomb Launcher: tour 29
Australium SMG: tour 35
Australium Stickybomb Launcher: tour 119
Australium Axtinguisher: tour 189
Australium Flame Thrower: tour 191
Australium Black Box: tour 214
Australium Stickybomb Launcher: tour 268
Australium Eyelander: tour 294
Australium Tomislav: tour 319
Australium Scattergun: tour 364
Australium Grenade Launcher: tour 377

ุ Two Cities:

Australium Rocket Launcher: tour 1
Australium Scattergun: tour 24 (4 box)
Australium Tomislav: tour 72
Australium Axtinguisher: tour 77 (4 box)
Australium Eyelander: tour 187
Australium Tomislav: tour 278
Australium SMG: tour 376 (4 box)
Australium Grenade Launcher: tour 466
Australium Flame Thrower: tour 529
Australium Frontier Justice: tour 530 (4 box)
Australium Stickybomb Launcher: tour 543
Australium Force-A-Nature: tour 591
Australium Ambassador: tour 629
Australium SMG: tour 644 (4 box)
Australium Rocket Launcher: 648
Australium SMG: tour 675

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idk remp gas passers not for sale but the other stuff I put in here are for sale so add me for prices)
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Created by - Herald11 | tacobot
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This is how you properly upgrade as sniper on mecha engine
engineer gaming 2 hours ago 
engineer gaming
Herald11 | tacobot 7 hours ago 
There's literally a guide on my profile lol
puffa 7 hours ago 
sorry im not an animal i dont record everytime i play with herald
Mhuss | Tacobot.tf 8 hours ago 
Metal Gear Salads 9 hours ago 
Hey look its the mvm cuck soyboy with bottled up anger issues
Artorial 10 hours ago 
@puffa sure he did, send proof