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:OkaySir: I do paid commissions, have an offer? Hit me with it!:MsAma:

I port models from game, rig models, etc.
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My list of close friends and fellow developers:
- Vesuvius : my best friend whom I met on Oddworld Forums and has been a very sincere, trustworthy and supportive person ever since.
- IvanVladimir04 : one of the nicest people I've ever met. Extremely talented, seems to have limitless potential. Is a great add-on creator and one of my bestest friends;
- WasabiThumbs : a very near and dear friend I met while looking for people to hire to code for me... Never asked for a penny and has helped me countless times.
- Austin : funny, creative and calculated. Gives a direct, straight-forward opinion that helps me observe things under another perspective.
- Erin : a sweet, supportive and loving person that is happy to see her friends happy. Is also a talented modder and has a creative mind.
- Lucky : a really funny, spontaneous friend who is a master of impromptu. We shared a lot of great moments.
- Headcrab : a really talented and awesome creb. We always share a laugh and we make great content when we work with Gears of War related stuff.
- Reemiel : talented, fun to talk to and helpful. We played Splinter Cell: Conviction together!
- Rexmaster : a really talented guy who loves to port and code his own mods.
- MetalMan : smirmy, sarcastic and a huge critic. Loves to cut me or any one else down if necessary. Is really funny and we share a lot of the same interests like "Scott Pilgrim vs The World"

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[h1] Welcome to our Oddworld Stranger's Wrath Nextbots! [/h1]

[h1] This addon currently adds: [/h1]
-Boilz Booty
-Child Clacker
-Elboze Freely
-Fatty McBoomBoom
-Filthy Hands Floyd
-Giant Sleg
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Winter Warfare
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slap da cake
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added for help with an addon of mine, if you can't help me with the one i need, i have simpler ones that i want added, i only want your help with 1 addon, i just have backups in case 1 doesn't work, but i just want you to help me with 1, i hope you can help me with publishing the one i want to publish, il tell you about it in PMs
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Hey, it's me JParadox/Kaizen/whatever, i just settled on a name for the long run (FINALLY)
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Added to ask about using anims
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Wanted to add you back and ask you something about your mech