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Ive been playing for almost 500 hours now and I finally feel like I'm getting better. Fighting games are amazing.
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I do not take credit for the artwork. I only did small changes to the original artwork.
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This game is great, the bugs I have encountered and Denuvo have really put a damper on it.

1. I found a fix for Denuvo for me and my friend. We both have GSYNC monitors and the INSANE lag was apparent. I fixed it by going into the NVidia control panel and forcing Persona to use GSYNC and left VSYNC on in game. 165 FPS (our monitor Hz) without issue. Runs great. Before, my friend had it capped at 30FPS, which is far less than ideal.

2. I just had a really weird glitch thats going to make me lose some progress. Apparently a big spoiler that I was not ready for. (HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD.)

When looking for Kanji. I found the Grim Reaper chest. I stupidly opened it and tried to fight him. I attacked him once, then he did a huge attack that nuked everyone. When it did, my game locked up completely, made a horrifying noise, and popped back on. I was outside of the chest, with the chest closed. All my characters were completely bugged, they all showed 0/0 HP/SP. I got into another battle with a shadow and it showed my teammates health go back to where they were BEFORE the reaper fight. However my HP/SP stayed at 0. As you can tell, I got the achievement for beating the boss, and I got the sword, but I literally cannot progress without resetting. I also got no EXP and no Gold. (Same Gold, same levels on everyone.) I have looked for about 30ish minutes and could not find anything online to suggest what the hell happened. This is my first persona game, and I'm almost at quitting point due to this. (Granted I was a dumbass and didnt save for a long time.) Also, ironically, this came right after I lost another 50+ hr. save game file yesterday on Grim Dawn. (I know not a lot to some of you, losing Mr. Bloodydots was crushing.) So this makes me 1000x more salty. (I should mention I was in the Teens level when i did this. Wasnt using a guide at this specific point so i had no idea of what I was getting myself into.)

Edit #2:

3. I was so salty I totally forgot to put in the other one I ran into. I also had Yosuke completely disappear in the castle and reappear at the boss fight. I did not dismiss him, nor anyone else. He would appear as if he was following me, but in the shadow battles he would be missing. This happened early on while Yukiko. No progress was lost, but it did make it a bit harder to progress.

As i said above, the game is incredibly amazing. The story is addicting, the gameplay reminds me of Shenmu a bit, and the Arcanas and how they play out have been amazing... However having to work around Denuvo, leading to around an hour + of studying to guess at a fix, is annoying enough to not recommend it while it has this god awful DRM. If the fix works, then awesome, but if you are stuck like some people I know with 30FPS, you will feel the pain of Denuvo's BS.

Edit: Only around an hour progress was lost due to me actually saving on my second file at the right time. So just my 2c, I would keep two save files lol.

Last Edit: This game is heroin. Still only downvoting for the weird bugs and denuvo.

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