She/He Lucy or Trev, call me what you want.   Ontario, Canada
This is an alt account of Trev The Phoenix. This was formerly my main account, however I have moved back to my first steam account. Please visit it, ill update this in probably a month or two.

This accounts inventory is full. (3000/3000)

This account is also temporarily holding 1,468 vaccinators, because my current designated storage accounts are full, and I have way more than I can hold right now.

Check out my accounts:

Trev the Phoenix (Main)
Lucyfer (Alt 1, current account)
Yuno Gasai (Alt 2)
Mizore Shirayuki (Alt 3)
Queen Ella (Alt 4)
Misaki Mei (Alt 5)
Rize Kamishiro (Alt 6)
Shiro (Alt 7)
Velkarra (Alt 8)
Brallax (Alt 9)
Thieoxiss (Alt 10)
Shadows Omen (Alt 11)
Crona (Alt 12)
Ryuko Matoi (Alt 13)
***NEWEST***Shiba Miyuki (Alt 14)
***NEWEST***Chloe (Alt 15)
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320 tours. Not deleting this badge, however it wont be raising anymore. WIll just stay on my profile. <3
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I'll update this every 10 tours, or unless I drop something notable, in which case I'll update instantly.

This account is now inactive, and is used purely as storage. However, I will allow my MvM loot on this account to remain up for display, incase anyone is THAT curious.

T-42: Aus Sniper
T-74: Aus Tomi (4box)
T-79: Aus Axe (4box)
T-100: Aus Sticky
T-117: Pro Grenade
T-121: Aus Frontier
T-163: Pro Frying Pan
T-174: Pro KritzKrieg
T-230: Pro Iron Bomber
T-247: Pro Wrench
T-260: Aus Black Box
T-261: Pro Rocket
T-307: Pro Rocket
T-310: Aus Sticky
T-320: The death of MvM for this account. I no longer play here, please view Trev The Phoenix for further MvM Loot & Information.

Badge lvl: 320
Dry Streak Record: 139 (121 -> 260)
Current Dry Streak: 0 (account inactive)
Current # of Australiums found: 7
Current Total Professional Killstreak Kits: 7
Current Total 4 Box Finds: 2

Recent Activity

323 hrs on record
last played on Nov 10
381 hrs on record
last played on Oct 30
627 hrs on record
last played on Oct 29
Lucyfer Sep 16 @ 5:44pm 
To those who have had me added for a while, please add my main account, and comment like "Friend of yours before you switched" or something. Idk. Just make sure I know who you are. I may recognize you immidietly.
Lucyfer Sep 16 @ 5:43pm 

Please visit my NEW main account (aka my first steam account), Trev the Phoenix!
Ma Sep 15 @ 4:21am 
skel Sep 13 @ 7:28am 
adding just to add, fellow item collector here :ccskull: :fod2heart:
vicentex08 Sep 13 @ 7:12am 
+rep thx for the help in my first tour
𓋹𝓮𝔀𝓳𝓪𓂀 Sep 12 @ 2:52pm 
It's also currently midnight here so I'll talk to you tomorrow most likely