If it's because of one my addons
Read below for further instructions.

I'm getting a lot of friend requests because of the two workshop addons I have and I cannot possibly answer them all.
If you just want to add me because you want to play with me or just have a "modder" in your friend list, please don't.
If you want to to report a bug/report a feature or anything else about my addons, please comment on the addon itself (I read all of those and reply where neccessary (I promise)).
If you have a different reason to add me, please comment on my profile and and I'll add you, if I see fit.
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加我兄弟 :3
Ape 7.4. klo 17.26 
+rep good licks!
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An old friend from 5+ years ago, my old accounts gone lol.

Can't wait to reconnect boi.
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I am adding you because you know me.
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signed by me
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toxic low iq kid