Brandon D Gentlebear
Reno, Nevada, United States
~This is all About meh right here Read it but don't weep it~

Alright so this is my New Account & I'll be using this Account for only F2P & Games that I bought thanks to my family & myself okay but Keep in mind we don't play 5 Nights @ Freddy's, Osu!, Or anythin else but 5 games like CS:S, Gmod Sometimes, Knock Knock, Realm Of The Mad God although I Hate it like 100% and last is TF2 okay Osu!, CreepyPasta Games, Emulator Games, & well yeah so I'll see U all on the following games that I described okay.

Also my Friends list is full okay so if you wish to play with me then join me & I wouldn't mind or care if you do just Uh IDK but please Join us in TF2, or A CS:S okay that is all I got to say from here on out Y'ALL okay that's all Kk.

Also To those that are on my friends list I <3 all of you for stickin around & Cared about me okay Y'ALL are the best I ever had in my friends list okay & now for my social Media click them if you want to though okay friends

Also if I add you or you all add meh then know this that I am open for friendship also I can be affectionate & that's just what I am okay 💙you

Lastly I'm posting my Discord Channel or Server here because well I am always alone in my server with no one to talk to so here okay there you go that's my Discord Channel or Server and you can join it or not because I don't care if you do or not but if you do then welcome

Online = I'm around
Away = Work/Mom's/Shopping
Offline = Off for good or a reason
Looking to play = Searching for games to play on tablet or PC
Looking to trade = Stuff I might or might not need (Don't ask if I don't got any though okay because I might or might have anything to trade as of now okay K)

Skype: BrandonTheGentlespy

Twitter: Fatherbran12

Discord: Brandon The Gentlebear#9236

Discord Server:


Battle Dot Net: LPBrandon#1631




CURSE: LPBrandon26

XBOX ID Name: LPBrandon28

Keep in mind that on curse I will only accept friend request who understands English and knows how to speak English like me those who doesn't like um Deng_Nai or Clara_0_0v or any of their friends that is in this description I will not accept so please heed my morning okay that is all I got to say now to U

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Okay so here's a Snapshot of us survivors lived not like Lazy-Kun, Mistress Meow Meow, TiggyTiger0, & Zer0 who couldn't make it people okay.
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페르키사스 ☪ Oct 21 @ 7:00pm 
Have a good day and be healthy :)
My friend :luv:
Cobalt Lightning Sep 4 @ 5:28am 
VG Gamma Aug 23 @ 11:30pm 
Let me be the first to apologize for my friend sorry. He can be tense times and I forgot to warn you about that. For what you went through I can kind of see why you removed me for him. I wish you the best and hope you have a good time. Once again sorry I dont like leaving on bad terms like that.
N.O.V.A Aug 19 @ 6:30am 
Please add me
Berry Mitchels Aug 14 @ 2:50pm 
to answer your question: Don't worry! Dawn of a hero 4 is officially on the way! It may take some time tho since I only started animating recently
MagieStuka Aug 7 @ 1:40pm