Brandon D Ult. Gentlebear
Reno, Nevada, United States
~This is all About meh right here Read it but don't weep it~

Alright so this is my New Account & I'll be using this Account for only F2P & Games that I bought thanks to myself okay but Keep in mind that I don't play 5 Nights @ Freddy's, Osu!, Or anythin else but 5 games like Gmod, L4D2, Super Animal Royale, and last is TF2 okay. Emulator Games like John's GBA & Retro Arch are more of something that I do on my Chromebook Okay K so I'll see U all on the following games that I described and once I get A Monitor so we all could play together & WIN alrighty! :winter2019happydog: :winter2019happysnowman: :winter2019happyyul: :steamhappy: & :healthvial: for and to everyone of you peep

Also my Friends list can be full but if it isn't then feel free to add meh okay after all I'm open for friendship and make sure that we beat that Despair with hope ok. Also if you wish to play with me then join me & I would not mind or care if you do just note that if you don't wanna then that's cool but I'm just sayin if you want to Join meh in TF2, L4D2, Gmod, and or more then that's great too okay K. That's all I got to say from here on out and from me Y'ALL okay K. Lastly if you want to be friends with me you have to earn and as well as proofing it to me by not doing or hurting toward me or anybody I know or visit from Twitch :winter2019happydog: :winter2019happysnowman: :winter2019happyyul: :steamhappy: & :healthvial:


Discord: Brandon The Ultimate Gentlebear#9236
Discord Server:
My Nintendo ID: LPBrandon
My Furaffinity:


Online = Available to speak whenever you like to Just PM me & I'll answer it K K
Away = I am either doing errands like shopping and or doing things with A trainer from Disability Resources and or I'm like this all the time :steambored: or like this guys :lunar2019sleepingpig: Okay K that's what I feel like when I am away people
Offline = I'm off for the day, afternoon, and or the night time guys K K :healthvial:
Invisible = This Okay K peeps

"What we've been told" by Bernie Sanders

Best song to help proof that we have hope on our side against the DESPAIR ok.

Best song to inform Cheaters that Copying & or anything else is wrong also big & Huge thanks to IcemanWest that showed me that Copying or anything is wrong

Just A song that I'm gonna share to those who doesnt want happiness or even want somebody like me to give them hope in their lives + my fake punishment

(Please note that I am really not dead just dead inside by Despair, Stress, and finally this depression that I just can not seem to stand and or tolerate it at all)

Okay so this is A little reminder to people who can't get what they want because of this dumb Corona virus 2020 okay and that little reminder will help all of you K

Finally this video will show you all that this is what we're facing in TF2 and I had it like no matter where we go, No Matter where we play, we still got cheaters and so to help us with this situation I've decide to use this video to advice all people.
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Okay so here's a Snapshot of us survivors lived not like Lazy-Kun, Mistress Meow Meow, TiggyTiger0, & Zer0 who couldn't make it people okay.
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