Let me know if there's anything you may want to play Together. More Info Below.

Take note I do not take the time to add "negative" reviews to my review page. I am open to playing pretty much anything it does not have to be a game I have reviewed for us to play together.
Also there are a ton of games out there that I have played on Steam that I think are terrible, but you might not feel the same way about any particular title so don't let someone's negative review stop you from trying a game,
only you can tell if you like it. So get out there and try some games I have not recommended as well, maybe you'll find one that you really like!
Another note, PC games are always changing so some of the reviews may find themselves outdated and/or not 100% accurate, please keep this in mind when reading ANY reviews.

UPDATE: I want to take the time to put this update here, I have gotten numerous questions as to why I have such a disproportionate amount of reviews to games on my Steam profile.
Many accusations as to me being paid for my reviews, or me refunding games as soon as I get to post a review. Neither of these are true.
The answer is a lot more simple than people seem to think. The vast majority of my Steam reviews and recommendations are on Free To Play games.
These games do not show up on your Steam profile as games you own.
I play a lot of Free To Play games.

To all friends, if you want to contact me on another service, send me a message and I will see about getting you my info for whatever service you were interested in.
Also, I receive a lot of "random" friend requests, if I have never met you and/or we have no groups or friends in common I am most likely not going to accept the request.

A note to friends, any messages to all of you will be displayed on the activity feed as an update instead of a "spammed" message to all friends through the chat.
Please check your activity feed every now and then, thank you.

UPDATE: Its come to my attention I have impersonators. Watch out for scams in general, at all times.

Thanks for reading!

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