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First Arrest

Arrest your first suspect or civilian
Unlocked Jan 25, 2022 @ 4:32pm

The War

Complete ‘Thank You, Come Again’, ‘Rust Belt’ and ‘Twisted Nerve’ at C+.
0 / 3

The Decaying City

Complete ‘Elephant’, ‘Relapse’ and ‘Neon Tomb’ at C+.
0 / 3

The Left Behind

Complete ‘Carriers of the Vine’, ‘Sins of the Father’, ‘Ides of March’, and ‘A Lethal Obsession’ at C+.
0 / 4

The Abducted

Complete ‘Buy Cheap, Buy Twice', ‘Hide and Seek', 'Ends of the Earth’, and 'Greased Palms’ at C+.
0 / 4

The Exploited

Complete ‘The Spider’, ‘Valley of the Dolls’, ‘Sinuous Trail’, and '23 Megabytes a Second' at C+.
0 / 4

Medal of Valor

Complete all levels at S.
0 / 18

The World

Complete Ready or Not in Ironman mode.

The Hermit

Complete Ready or Not in Ironman mode without losing a single officer.

The Hanged Man

Complete Port using only a taser, flashbangs, and bash.

Way Out West

Complete Coyote using only .357 Magnum as a weapon.

The Devil

Use the secret command for your SWAT team (kill me command)

The Magician

Arrest a downed suspect only to find out they were faking it.

The Fool

Be killed by a civilian.

Due Process

Incapacitate a suspect with a C2 charge.