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If there's one thing i am good at and enjoy it's definitely video games, but then again we all enjoy and are good at video games! I'm a 25 year old City boy who's out and proud and have a passion for video games, video editing and journalism. I am autistic so please be patient with me. I have social anxiety but once we get a conversation going it's easier for me to be able to function but who cares anyways, that's not what this bio is for. If you wanna legally stalk me, you can find me here:
Telegram : KingArcySegura
Facebook :
Discord: d.a.t.i.n.g.__y.o.u.r.__d.a.d.
Twitter : @LucidEther_AR3Y
You're most likely to get faster responses on telegram and discord, do note due to constant harassment if i see someone that i know from past conflicts or toxicity you will be ignored and blocked. Other than that, i took up enough of your time, have fun and i'll see you out there! Have fun! :steamhappy:
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captains_bro Jun 8 @ 11:11am 
ki charging in a quick match fits the furry profile, fuggin nerd
Redacted Jun 8 @ 10:48am 
GGs, I saw you trying some goofy stuff so I thought to do some goofy paul stuff too to match the quick match, either way it was really cool seeing all the EWGFs and just playing with you was fun
lemstryz May 25 @ 9:28am 
gg but why not finish the set man :(
CowOfCthulhu May 25 @ 8:17am 
Coward won't finish the set.
But your NAME I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ love it
Substantial May 22 @ 10:57am