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:l_wing::warsaweagle::r_wing: Bóg, Honor, Ojczyzna :l_wing::warsaweagle::r_wing:

I promise, one day the sleeper will awaken.

"Bandido bom é bandido morto!"

I'm 45 and I do not vote for my own self interest. I am not that selfish. Rather I vote for the future for a change, thats repite it self. Thats because the rest of you allowed it to happen, again & again....

You are nothing but truly lost in space, Even tho all the stars are all around you, are telling you the truth every night before you. Yet you are drifting toward the empty cold black hole, along side with the others!

A big pile of crap thats a thiny life of your self, it goes down with a flush every singel day, a life time cykle that never ends. Till you drop dead & never sh!t again! ©

Become blind to see the world the way it was meant to be heard, but then all the others insteed shall become deaf & only able to see of what you say, but not being able to hear a singel word of what you can hear. BR AN :warsaweagle::warsawhelmet::warsawanchor: ©

W tej martwej duszy nie ma serca... >Summer 2019<

Things that are to come in a near future is a thing I wish no one to see further.

ROCK me ON-TO 2020,,, My belovely SuperGirl!!!
Cuz your handsome SuperMan is still ***[Your Snyggis-Kriminell]*** <3

History of Poland 966-1918

Just because you were born from a King`s arse, that doesn't
mean that you can do whatever you want!

Du är den som bringer ljuset när allt slocknar runt, du är den som

giver kärleken när allt brinner ut.

Look, up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, No it's...KERA_AK

"Cogito, Ergo Sum"

Life and love betwin a female and a man, is a very intressting part to me as well!

The only lost things in life that i make.. are those who do not understand me at all. "late 2014"

Do jo spiik Inglish? AJ DOOO! Najs too mejt jo2!! =)

In life, love is never planned. It does not happen for a reason. But when love is real, it becomes your plan for life and your reason for living

Steck die Frauen in einen grossen Sack hau drauf und du triffst nie die falsche!!!

***More people would learn from thier mistakes if they weren't so busy denying them***

THINK ABOUT IT: Next time you step into a such thing,,,, People always think that the most painful thing is losing the one you love in your life. The truth is the most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much <3 Momentos 25!!!

Det är mer än ord för mig, det är känsla för livet intill mig,
närmast hjärtat och själen runt omkring som varmast!!! :)
A poem, 2013 by A.N

Du visar inte upp något som du är, det bara finns till för att synas som du är.

In evil there is no beauty only pure darkness and no life with in it... <----------- Clap your hands!!! Robocop Remake - Scene LMAO!!!

*E.T.* *Phone* *Home* Yes i believe init!!!!
Some people don't know when they lose something it can be lost forever...
Some people don't know when they lose something it can be lost forever...

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