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Dank memes are a good source of vitamin C
I have slevabs

Jezza: don't worry you pick medusa and I'll pick techies nothing can go wrong
Goat: Oh yeah Jezza?
Jezza: Maybe they could pick antimage?...
Goat: Or maybe my support could pick antimage

Goat: You play Mirana, I'll play snoop dog

Jezza: "It's been a while since I played support invoker..." - every game goat needs a support

Ay lmao, I heard you like memes -

sometimes I do well 1358506675

other times I usually don't... lmao

So er...

BUON: 1v1 me noob

Me: ... Why the fuck not


2-1 win for me, lich vs templar assassin...

(if you don't watch it wanna watch... each time I killed her, she had a dd active........lich carry gonna be the new meta)

News flash: lich carry never became the new meta, in fact, they nerfed his carry potential, the best you can do on lich now to carry is rush dagon.

News flash #2: its sort of back? he gets +150 dmg and a free skadi so if you build hp and attack speed he can sort of carry....

Jezza: duchies
Jezza is now Online.
Jezza: touhou
Jezza: toehoe
Who is barocco bama?: paprika
Jezza: paprika
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Xxxbigweedsmoker420xXX Feb 7 @ 10:08pm 
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Methcake Jan 31 @ 9:47pm 
go away you smurf
Re: Becca Jan 23 @ 11:13pm 
Cart the push! CART THE PUSH!
Meti #dead till end 2019 Dec 24, 2018 @ 2:16pm 
ㅤ ☆ MERRY ☆ ㅤ
Re: Becca Dec 18, 2018 @ 10:05pm 
The entire population of Vietnam Oct 15, 2018 @ 12:53am 
This man got no chill, good sniper main tho