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Wow, what a journey! Such an extremely well-crafted, beautiful game.

I haven't experienced a puzzle game quite like this before. I was often smiling and so impressed with the game after figuring out the solutions, just from the sheer cleverness and fluidity of the puzzles. I usually pat myself on the back after solving puzzles and having that satisfaction, but there almost wasn't time to do that. I was so invested in the story and amazed that it flowed seemlessly. There were many times where I just sat back watching the story unfold and thought "wow, that was awesome". Gorogoa consists of engaging interactive puzzles and wordless interpretive story, stunning artwork, a befitting subtle atmospheric soundtrack...can't really ask for more.

I played the first 3 1/2 chapters casually with my mom, before finishing the rest on my own. We got really stumped at one part and she admitted she just doesn't have the patience anymore, gets frustrated (and rarely plays games). She still adored the first half though before things got a bit more complex. None of the puzzles were too bad though and there is an option to turn on hints that'll glow around parts of the page you can interact with when clicking, but doesn't give the order/exact answers. In general it was a smooth ride and you get the hang of the style of the puzzles pretty quickly.

I think the biggest con for people is the length. It took me 2.3 hours to beat at a relaxed pace, including getting stuck. If you know you don't want to spend $15 for 1-3 hours of gameplay then wait for a sale (I got 20% off during the Winter Sale). However I absolutely think it's worth it if you love puzzle games! It's an extremely high quality game that offers a unique experience and doesn't overstay it's welcome. It takes an interesting storybook concept and executes it brilliantly. Incredible that such a small team worked on this, designed and illustrated by Jason Roberts. I was super impressed while playing and this only amplifies it. I wholeheartedly recommend this gorogoageous game, the less you know the better!

Also note that there is currently an unobtainable achievement, though the dev said (on March 20th) he is working on it. It should be up and running now!

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