An Easy Target
Ryan Rodriguez   Corpus Christi, Texas, United States
I voted straight blue in 2020, I am less unimpressed by Biden than I thought I would be, Democrats are gradually impressing me more and Republicans and conservatives are rapidly disappointing me more.

Might as well have that out in the open before any decisions are made.

I also agree with a lot of the ideas currently claimed to be the "conservative" position: I believe responsible, mentally-stable citizens should be allowed to own firearms and use them for self defense, per the 2nd Amendment; I believe that any individual should have the right to decide who s/he does business with, or doesn't, including business-owning individuals; and I agree that raising the minimum wage (alone) is only a short-term solution to a long-term problem, and makes it more difficult for entrepeneurs to realize their vision and for folks at the bottom to find employment.

I also opine that capitalism is not inherently evil; misuse of it, and in particular oligarchy, is. A capitalistic economy with laws protecting individuals' rights, keeping would-be oligarchs in check is the economy I for one most support.

Those are some samples of what I opine, and I'd rather say it than not any more.


Having shared those two opinions of mine, I have confidence any hardcore "package-deal" political loyalists of either end have grown bored enough to leave- just in case they weren't already.

In the off-chance anyone is left after that: Welcome.

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Who are you? and why did you comment on my profile?
Kapakc Jul 5 @ 5:52am 
he ate my fishsticks and i nuked him.
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you're like the Linx of off-topic. he's a pretty cool guy who's very level-headed and down to earth. keep making cool threads they're fun fun
An Easy Target Jun 28 @ 7:51pm 

I have to admit though that I like having had your response here about the thread deletion. Unlike my own response to that in turn, yours was composed and to the point, and non-accusatory. Still, I can respect your choice to have deleted it.
Flavius Claudius Julianus Jun 27 @ 7:44pm 
I’m intrigued now. I am also a low key troll so won’t take you too seriously 🤷‍♂️