NOTE: There are impersonators/scammers that might add you disguised as me. Please double check that you are adding the right Jury! (Should have a DBD pullover in my inventory)

For TF2: If I don't have the items listed on backpack tf, they aren't for sale. If you are still going to offer, please make a substantial offer.
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Hello, I'm known as In_Jury/Booboo/Jury
Unfortunately, I don't have the time to be playing TF2 as much as I used to in the past. Though, feel free to ask me or invite if I am playing tf2.

I made a chrome extension if you want to check it out (find halloweens spells on backpack, key/ref adder, etc...):

Jurly's Chrome Extension:
Details on the steam group page: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/tf2-trading-enhanced

:bolt: My Aussie run :bolt:
Mecha Engine:
Currently on official tour 381 on mecha, repeating tours (unless i forget to put the ticket on the market lol).
Tour 9th: Frontier Justice
Tour 99th: Blackbox
Tour 102nd: Wrench
Tour 151th: Wrench (Again but not complaining ;))
Tour 266th: Medigun
Tour 277th: Scattergun
Tour 303th: Tomislav

Tour 5: Australium Medigun

Longest drystreak: 115

:steamhappy: Unboxing Details :steamhappy:
Total unusuals unboxed: 16
10 of them has been unboxed during halloween 2016 event. Thanks Gaben
My very first Unusual Unbox is a Strange Tesla Coil Pestering Jester.
My first Unusual weapon unbox is a commando grade Park Pigmented Isotope skin. (which ended up changing to Elite Grade... Thanks Valve lol)
My best unboxing is a burning flames Tough stuff muffs....Priced at '1000+' keys at that time
I've spent so much money on unboxing that I stopped unboxing completely. DON'T UNBOX. NOT WORTH IT

:skull: Halloween spells:skull:
I don't collect spells as much as before, but I'm not planning to sell them unless I specifically put them on backpack/outpost.

:balloonicorn: Gifts from others :balloonicorn:
I'm noting them so that I won't forget and sell these accidentally. These are NEVER FOR SALE.

Thank you GunnyShark for these following gifts:
Strange Apparition's Aspect with Halloween Spell: Chromatic Corruption
Haunted Coffin Kit with Halloween Spell: Headless Horseshoes

Thank you SilverHammer for these following gifts:
Defiant Spartan with Halloween Spell: Chromatic Corruption
Endothermic Exowear with Halloween Spell: Sinister Staining

Thank you Kingkongapeboy for these following gifts:
Haunted Grease Monkey with Halloween Spell: Spectral Spectrum
Haunted Master Mind with Halloween Spell: Die Job

Thank you David (aka Kuri/sleepy .... dunno what name you use now lol) for these following gifts:
Strange Apparition's Aspect with Halloween Spell: Spectral Spectrum and Voices From Below

Thank you 厶 incoming 厶 for these following gifts:
Strange Haunted Moccasin Machinery

:first_star: Trading info :first_star:

Backpack Rep [backpack.tf]
SteamRep [steamrep.com]

:wasted: Beware of Impersonators!!! :wasted:
:shinealight: I NEVER set my inventory to PRIVATE.
:shinealight: I NEVER use an alt account to trade with you.
Items Up For Trade
Items Owned
Trades Made
Market Transactions
NOT FOR SALE. Just showing off my spelled bandanna collection :D

:first_star: Notable Sets that I had/have :first_star:
Only mentioning notable sets that I had in the past. Order from oldest to latest. (I probably missed a couple though):

- Terror-Watt Antlers + Miami Nights Salty Dog (Chromatic + bruised purple footprints) + Chromatic Max's Head
Didn't quite combo properly but it was my first misc so I had to add em here.

- Disco beat down Antlers + Miami Nights Salty Dog(Chromatic + bruised purple footprints) + Chromatic Max's Head
The Trade that started it all. When i decided to go all out on DBD antlers (which I paid around 270-280 key at the time, Almost all pure)

- Scorching Stout Shako with Spectral Spectrum and Team Spirit Footprints + Spectral Max's Head
Personally Loved this one. Quite sad when I let this combo go.

- Sunbeams Rotation + Disco beat down Viewfinder + Miami Night antlers (sunbeams + miami night also looked dope)

- Sunbeams Rotation + Vivid Plasma Pullover + Holy Grail Mannrobics
'Shiny Set'
The start of when I decided to name sets.

- Nebula Translator + Miami Night antlers + Bandanna with Headless Horseshoe Footprints + Infernal flames (purple) Victory Lap
'Purple Set'
Really enjoyed this one!

- Burning Muffs + Screaming tiger High-Five + graybann/bandanna with rotten orange footprints
'Burning Set'
Unboxed the muffs (yeah I was pretty lucky) and it needed a partner. Screaming tiger would do nicely. At this stage I had this set, Purple Set, and the Shiny Set.

- Strange Anti-freeze Law + Arcana Viewfinder
One day I got bored of the sets above and I went all out. I was also trying to go for another green misc but then....

- Arcana Viewfinder + Spellbound Muffs + Sulphurous Antlers + Showstopper skullcracker
My End Game Set. Almost the set that I wanted when I first saw arcana/spellbound. Can't believe I actually gotten this combo! I am going to miss this set...

- Strange Purple Energy Rotation + Arcana Viewfinder + Sulphurous Antlers + Showstopper skullcracker
Surprisingly looks great. PE and sulp looks great when they are stacked

- Ether Trail Prehistoric Pullover + Arcana Viewfinder + Sulphurous Antlers + Showstopper skullcracker
My 2nd favourite pairing. Looks amazing :) Some people liked this set more than with Spellbound.

- Nebula Translator + Disco Beatdown Antlers (+ Cloud 9 Antlers)
"Cheaper" End Game set.

- Abduction Translator + Disco Beatdown Pullover
This set is something I plan on keeping for a while. Underrated combo.

:une: Other Mentions :une:
Unusuals or Smaller combos I liked can go here

- Arcana Big Chief + DBD Antlers
Arcana + DBD looks great.... but

- Spellbound Engineer's Cap + DBD Antlers + Chromatic Beep Man / Spellbound Muffs + Disco Beatdown Viewfinder
This combo is even better! Merging the 2 sets as they are virtually the same combo. I miss this combo.

- Strange Starstorm Slumber/Starstorm Insomnia Rotation + Miami Night Antlers
Had to mention it because of the halloween hype. Also around the time when I started unboxing spree... I unboxed a bunch of Insomnia effects

- Strange Hellfire Rotation
Started collecting Rotation unusuals around this time. I believe I had in total: Sunbeams, Purple Energy, Terro-watt, Hellfire, Starstorm insomnia and Starstorm Slumber Rotations.

- Arcana Engineer's cap
Thought I should mention this since I had owned a spellbound one as well. It makes a good 'milkstain' Beep Man xD

- Ether Trail Prehistoric Pullover + Sulphurous Antlers
The purple and orange complements soooo well. I called it "sperm" combo haha

- Abduction Translator + Sulphurous Antlers
Man I loved this one. Abduction is quite underated.

- Galactic Gateway Chill Chullo
Had to add this as I love that effect. Halloween in 2018 had some amazing effects. Also never owned a Chill Chullo before which I ended up really liking it.

- Nebula Translator
Thought I'll mention it since I had this hat from time to time. Can't remember the amount of times I owned this thing.This might be the third or fourth time owning this hat/effect? It is probably my favourite effect (or at least up there with arcana/spellbound), and it looks great by itself.
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Aight :)
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NOTE: There are impersonators/scammers that might add you disguised as me. Please double check that you are adding the right Jury! (Should have a DBD pullover in my inventory)
Jury Dec 9, 2023 @ 9:11pm 
I bought it for 200+ keys so no thanks
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Heyo sorry for annoying here but i have a question, is there any way to remove rep.tf buttons from user profiles?
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added to discss your offer mate :)