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With anal, it’s important to be gentle at first. Ease it in. Make her feel comfortable. Let her get used to it. Look at how she looks up at you. Look at those eyes. Look at how she trusts you to use her for one of the most sensitive parts of her body. Look at how she’s in awe of you. Look at the reverence on her face as she feels the thickness, the strength, the power of your dick gently penetrate her where she’s tightest.

Let it sit there. Let it stretch her. Let her get comfortable with it.

Then grab her by her filthy whore neck and beat a rough fuck deep into her guts until they bruise black and fucking blue. Rip that ass open until she’s nothing but a gaping fucking mess. You know what a filthy fucking anal whore like her really needs, really craves. Give it to her. Give it to her until you fuck regret into those adoring eyes
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