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please accept :)
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please accept :)
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I myself am a Linux supporter also. Recently switched to openSUSE after spending several years with Slackware.
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Talk about gay :breadface:
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At least in their Bends era, Radiohead made music that non-robots might want to listen to. Sure, it was whiny and boring but if nothing else, you could tell it was being made by a real band with real instruments and not an electrician trying to fix a DVD player that got a copy of Tron stuck in it. In their nearly 30 years as a band (yes, 30), they’ve journeyed from mediocre alterna-rock into who-the-♥♥♥♥-knows-what-genre. Ask any casual music fan to name a Radiohead song. The most common answer you’re gonna get is “Creep.” The second most common answer: a blank stare, because who the ♥♥♥♥ knows the name of the 800 songs that go “beep blorp bop beep boop 010101?” No one. “Creep” is fun to do at karaoke. Any other Radiohead song would clear the place out because it’d sound like someone doing an impression of a stroke victim.