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Patrik Šimanský   Nitra, Slovakia
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PHUNBASE (GMod SWEP base) [github.com]
Particle Converter tool [github.com]

About me
I am currently a college student.
I have been modding for several years. I don't tolerate ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Normally I am a nice guy, unless you manage to piss me off.

Friend Requests
Write a comment before adding me, otherwise you will get rejected most of the time. Don't add me for general modding help (unless it is something very specific and someone pointed you to me), there are forums/communities for that. I will also not accept you for reasons like 'I like your work', or for no reason at all.
It is nothing personal, my friends list is just too long already.
If you need INS2 modding help, visit the INS2 / DOI Modding Discord [discord.gg]

If you want to trade, there is a Trade Offer function and it has a purpose, so go ahead and use it.

Modding requests and commisions
At the moment I am not taking any commissions, sorry.
I am open to modding commissions. If you have a model and you would like me to make a longer handguard, RIS, barrel, magazine/stock/whatever replacements, animation fixes, foregrip animations, rigging weapon view models onto existing animations, rigging world models, hit me up. I don't do characters. Only if I am not busy. I am also converting weapon models to use GMod's c_hands rig. The price depends on the complexity of the task.

Payment rules
Only through PayPal, no Steam Items or anything. If you want to check my work, check out my Workshop / YouTube. I think I am kinda known in the modding community.

If you like my work and would like to support me, you can donate here [www.paypal.com]. I am not forcing you, you make your own choices.
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A collection of my mods, which are ports from Insurgency: Sandstorm

Source files, if you wish to make model swaps, port these and whatnot without the need of fixing broken animations during decompile, are available [ url=https://github.com/Gmod4phun/sand
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2015 Atlantis EGP Collection W.I.P
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RuthLesS May 9 @ 12:56pm 
A mod that Turkish players are eagerly waiting for
RuthLesS May 9 @ 12:55pm 
I would be very happy if you could
PolyDriver May 9 @ 2:03am 
Қatka ♥ May 9 @ 1:03am 
Nope. Not doing any GMod modding at the moment.
PolyDriver May 8 @ 1:15pm 
Hey, i wonder, can you make a gas mask from Metro 2033?
Қatka ♥ May 8 @ 12:57am 
Not likely, sorry