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Dreamspace President Jan 26, 2017 @ 12:00am 

For SlaloM, please use the forums in the http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SlaloM_users group.

In other cases, or in case you just choose to, friend me and we'll chat.

You can also use the email address shown as an image at the top of dreamspace-president.com
Dreamspace President Jun 13, 2016 @ 12:02am 
I just published the Java 8 program SlaloM - Steam launcher and library organizer Messiah here: http://dreamspace-president.com/#SlaloM

It aims to replace Steam's library screen. It does not download your game information but reads it directly from Steam's local files. No changes are ever made to anything outside SlaloM's own folder. To un"install", just delete its folder.

Rename games, hide permanently, assign tags freely, filter by AND/OR/NOT etc. Sort by random, date first seen by SlaloM, date last played, duration played, your review score, etc.

Screenshot: http://dreamspace-president.com/downloads/SlaloM_screenshot.png

Made it about 2.5 years ago for myself when I was at about 400 games (am now at 1600) and have used it ever since. It's impossible to properly manage a large amount of Steam games with Steam's built-in library screen, but with SlaloM it becomes a passion.

SlaloM is free and the answer to many people's desires - the only thing missing is many people using it.
Dreamspace President May 5, 2016 @ 12:53am 
I just published the Java 8 program SCOPHE - Steam COpy Paste History Exporter on http://dreamspace-president.com , which allows to export your purchase history and licenses history into CSV files. It also calculates the ACTUAL amount of money you have spent on Steam, as opposed to most other tools which only guess.

Usage: Go to the "Purchase History" page or the "Licenses and product key activations" page of your Steam Account. Press CTRL+a, CTRL+c, then click in SCOPHE's text box and press CTRL+v. Click the export button to create the files.

You can trust this software, because if you can prove to Valve that it's malicious, that would be a problem for my main account. Plus you know where I live.

Why export to CSV files? Well, if you want to use your information in spreadsheets or other calculation software, you need to turn it into computer-readable data. The information you see on your account pages is just human-readable. SCOPHE converts it.