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August 8, 2015
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Manage your game library like a pro! Completely free!

screenshot[] 1920x1080 from 2017-02-02

screenshot[] 1920x1080 from 2017-01-12

screenshot[] 3840x2160 from 2017-01-23

SlaloM in action:

Some of the features:
  • Assign and filter by tags (and/or/not). Assign tags to groups (like Steam Library game categories except for the tags) that can be collapsed/expanded.

  • Rename games!

  • Automatically adds non-Steam games from definable root-folders (or do it manually).

  • Sorts by: purchase date (Can import (mostly) from Steam, rest can be edited.), date last played, duration played, alphabet, amount of tags, your review score(s), appID, or just randomly, install drive, install size, etc.. For more than half of the games, sorts by Steam user review score (recent/overall; requires configuration of extra download).

  • Shows big&clear random screenshot (Can favorite, has slideshow feature.), even for non-Steam games&applications. Hovering temporarily makes it fullscreen.

  • Text box filters by multiple text snippets that all have to occur in the names. Individual ones can also be explicitly excluded (not-filter) and/or defined to be at the beginning of the name.

  • Determines if you own games from a text copied from anywhere (e.g. Web store). Automatically filters out tons of crap.

  • Creates a list of Steam Store / Google links with Steam forum / plain / Reddit syntax.

  • Opens PCGamingWiki page of selected game, or searches on, Google, GOG,

  • Hard-coded tags filter by: owned, installed, renamed, non-Steam, ...; and by: apps, games, DLC, demos, videos, ... "Owned?" Yes, in addition do your Steam games/DLC etc., SlaloM shows others, too, optionally all >34,000!

  • Default state for each tag (incl. the hard-coded ones) can be defined.

  • Change state of all tags with "clear", "reset", and "clear visible".

  • View settings presets which you can create/load/save.

  • Two review systems, one sophisticated, the other ingeniously simple with scalable certainty.

  • Can export current game list as text.

  • Import custom Steam games and categories.

  • Add custom games/applications/folders/shortcuts via drag&drop.

  • Optional update-check/-download/"-install".

  • 4K-ready (incl. auto-detect)! Can be configured manually on a scale from 0.5 to 4

No changes are ever made outside SlaloM's own folder. For the full (and growing) feature list and the download, visit the link at the bottom.

SlaloM is a standalone application, ~1MB, no installation required, but needs Java 8 and Windows/Linux.

Existed since Jan 2014 (It's how I've been gaming since.), became publicly available around June 2016.

Not affiliated with or endorsed by Valve/Steam.

Created by

SlaloM features and download[]
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Did you know we had a few SlaloM updates?
Dreamspace President Jul 30, 2023 @ 5:22am 
To the guy who just sent Feedback for SlaloM: "................ And no, my steam account is not private in any way."

I can't respond to you, because the built-in feedback function - like everything else - is very privacy-conscious: I have no clue who you are or how to contact you.
Dreamspace President May 6, 2023 @ 6:06am 
Whoopsee ... wasn't active here for 999 eons, so I didn't see your question there. Added friend request. Fair warning: Once you accept it and ask a question, I will probably again not see it for a long time. - Sorry. (My life is rather full right now.)
᲼⁧⁧Somyst Aug 17, 2022 @ 5:51am 
Hello I have a question about Slalom, could you add me?
Dreamspace President Jun 21, 2019 @ 1:04am 
*** UPDA... no not really.

But I've got a new tasty piece of software, fresh from the oven:

DirTreeTagger []

Brings the power of SlaloM's tagging to your directory trees. It has opened up a world that is still new and weird even to me, but the benefits are undeniable, and our department benefits greatly from it, gives us a much better grasp of our server tree so that we can do the overdue optimization. And spawned a support ticket system on-the-fly.

Hot recommendation to manage the files/folders you're manually organizing on your desktop PC!

download [] link for v[3, 2019-06-20 08!00 UTC]
God, owner of the Universe Feb 24, 2019 @ 7:56am 
I really didn't expect the (first steps of the) chart feature to unfold this quickly, let alone that I'd release the full version today already.

Here are two screenshots of the chart - only one game selected, so it looks rather boring:

The lower one, with the screenshot file dates, shows that there were quite a few play sessions of "Driver: San Francisco" before the recorded sessions in the upper chart, probably because the session recording feature itself is still relatively new.

The chart form expresses that I gradually lost interest in playing that game (for a while, at least). If more than one game were visible, you could possibly see why. I mean, maybe I rather played something else. Or whatever. It's yet another one of SlaloM's nice data mining tools.
Dreamspace President Feb 24, 2019 @ 7:00am 

The first release since April 2017. Can show chart of selected games' play sessions or screenshot-taking. Game name column is now first (MUCH better). Screenshot tile view also of all shots for ONE game. More sort options. Automated browser Steam purchase data download FIXED. F9 for activate-productkey-dialog (kinda) fixed. Annoying systemwide ^^ ~~ ´´ not working when SlaloM running "fixed".

more about the changes [] (Text file.)

download [] Windows/Linux, needs Java 8 or newer

no-install download [] Windows x64 only, needs the other download - Spread the word!

v[39, 2019-02-24 14!00 UTC]
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August 8, 2015