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August 8, 2015
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Manage your game library like a pro! Completely free!

screenshot[] 1920x1080 from 2017-02-02

screenshot[] 1920x1080 from 2017-01-12

screenshot[] 3840x2160 from 2017-01-23

SlaloM in action:

Some of the features:
  • Assign and filter by tags (and/or/not). Assign tags to groups (like Steam Library game categories except for the tags) that can be collapsed/expanded.

  • Rename games!

  • Automatically adds non-Steam games from definable root-folders (or do it manually).

  • Sorts by: purchase date (Can import (mostly) from Steam, rest can be edited.), date last played, duration played, alphabet, amount of tags, your review score(s), appID, or just randomly, install drive, install size, etc.. For more than half of the games, sorts by Steam user review score (recent/overall; requires configuration of extra download).

  • Shows big&clear random screenshot (Can favorite, has slideshow feature.), even for non-Steam games&applications. Hovering temporarily makes it fullscreen.

  • Text box filters by multiple text snippets that all have to occur in the names. Individual ones can also be explicitly excluded (not-filter) and/or defined to be at the beginning of the name.

  • Determines if you own games from a text copied from anywhere (e.g. Web store). Automatically filters out tons of crap.

  • Creates a list of Steam Store / Google links with Steam forum / plain / Reddit syntax.

  • Opens PCGamingWiki page of selected game, or searches on, Google, GOG,

  • Hard-coded tags filter by: owned, installed, renamed, non-Steam, ...; and by: apps, games, DLC, demos, videos, ... "Owned?" Yes, in addition do your Steam games/DLC etc., SlaloM shows others, too, optionally all >34,000!

  • Default state for each tag (incl. the hard-coded ones) can be defined.

  • Change state of all tags with "clear", "reset", and "clear visible".

  • View settings presets which you can create/load/save.

  • Two review systems, one sophisticated, the other ingeniously simple with scalable certainty.

  • Can export current game list as text.

  • Import custom Steam games and categories.

  • Add custom games/applications/folders/shortcuts via drag&drop.

  • Optional update-check/-download/"-install".

  • 4K-ready (incl. auto-detect)! Can be configured manually on a scale from 0.5 to 4

No changes are ever made outside SlaloM's own folder. For the full (and growing) feature list and the download, visit the link at the bottom.

SlaloM is a standalone application, ~1MB, no installation required, but needs Java 8 and Windows/Linux.

Existed since Jan 2014 (It's how I've been gaming since.), became publicly available around June 2016.

Not affiliated with or endorsed by Valve/Steam.

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Did you know we had a few SlaloM updates?
God, owner of the Universe Apr 9, 2017 @ 4:03am 
THANKS to the tons of people who just joined the club!

You got the group from 395 to 417 members in only 2 days! :D
God, owner of the Universe Mar 17, 2017 @ 12:36am 
I'm taking a "permanent" break from the SlaloM project (development etc.), because I just don't feel like working on it these weeks. This is just like in the years before now, where I sometimes worked on it and oftentimes didn't. Site and downloads stay up, of course.

Google ads are permanently suspended because even though they helped a lot with increasing downloads (on the days when there were ads, not permanently), the €180 so far seem wasted: The logs strongly suggest that the amount of actual users has not increased. I'd rather stuff my face or buy games with this money then.
God, owner of the Universe Mar 13, 2017 @ 3:14am 
As I said not 1 comment page ago, cillosis was working on a different list concept for - I see that he's done now! Identical submissions are combined into one entry, and there are two lists: One for pending keys, one for unlocked keys.

Nice! So, starting this evening, there will be keys again.
God, owner of the Universe Mar 10, 2017 @ 5:13am 
Have been sick for a few days, have to pause development for a while, can't really wrap my mind around things at the moment.
God, owner of the Universe Mar 6, 2017 @ 7:20am 
Oh look, a new release! (Kind of.)

"This one's a fresh build that should be safe in every regard, and it has at least one relevant new feature, so you can have it already right now: In screenshot tiles view , when you click on a game, you'll get another screenshot tiles view only showing the screenshots of this game, in chronological order, already scrolled to the position of the random shot that you clicked. Also, the minimum amount of tiles has been reduced to one , which is great for browsing the one game's shots."

What else is new?

Fixed "yearss" typo.

Added new sort option: Original name! Now you can enjoy the fruits of your renaming-labor even more!

DurationRun has additional options: 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s

New status tag: "without screenshot". Needs scan, so there's a hotkey for that now: CTRL+F5
God, owner of the Universe Mar 5, 2017 @ 7:01am 
I FINALLY managed to make a video showing SlaloM in action.
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August 8, 2015