Monika   Wroclaw, Poland
"Blaah blah blah"

Level 20, enchanter.

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14:09 - xKomachi: Stop thinking about it and go be productive~
"Bo Ty podchodzisz do tego od dupy strony. Nie zatrudniasz ludzi, bo chcesz mieć ludzi, tylko dlatego, że pracy jest tyle, że potrzebujesz mieć ludzi." ~ Prav 2017
[13:31] Stuffa: Ever felt like speaking your from your point of view, instead of just replying "k"

CPU: Intel i5-4690k @ 4.5Ghz
GPU: GTX1080ti
Display: Asus 4k 27'' + 3x BenQ 1440p 27" [], nothing too fancy [] :trance:
Memory: 24GB DDR3 @ 2133 MHz
SSD: 1TB Samsung 850 EVO + 500GB Samsung 850 EVO + 128GB Crucial MX100
HDD: [s]4TB WD Black, 2x 1TB WD Blue, 320GB WD SE[/s]
OS: Windows 8.1 Pro N
Mouse: Logitech g400
Keyboard: Raze Blackwidow Ultimate
Headphones: HyperX Cloud II
Microphone: Razer Seiren
Other shit: OH/DF91/N, C920, M12 maxi
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"He's just a con artist pretending to be a nice guy. The kind of guy who could lie with a straight face..."


"... And I'm a liar, too."
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Sonny Aug 7 @ 7:52am 
        __..,,__   ,.。='`1
     .,,..;~`''''    `''''<``彡 }
  _...:=,`'    ︵  т ︵  X彡-J
<` 彡 /  ミ  ,_人_. *彡 `~
  `~=::              Y
    i.             .:
   .\       ,。---.,,  ./
    ヽ /゙''```\;.{    \/
     Y   `J..r_.彳   |
     {   ``  `   i
     \         \   ..︵︵.
     `\         ``ゞ.,/` oQ o`)
      `i,          Y  ω /
       `i,      .    "   /
      `iミ           ,,ノ
       ︵Y..︵.,,     ,,+..__ノ``
     (,`, З о    ,.ノ川彡ゞ彡  *
      ゞ_,,,....彡彡~   `+Х彡彡彡彡*
Maybe modo can send or write a message before ban me on the groupe!? I repost all of time same message thinking is a bug when wasnt wrote on groupe, never thing thats thé modération... So can u deban please, and maybe explain whats wrong before do that --'
Lavanda Jun 3 @ 1:59am 
Hey, I can give my Fractal Horns of Inner Abysm arcana for all of your dota 2 loading screens (Im collecting them) so if it's ok for you send me trade offer please. Link in my bio
Mirai Jun 1 @ 10:06am 
Prime | May 27 @ 1:08pm 
Hey, Added about a potential development job.
Pervoll May 23 @ 5:42am 
I can give my bayonet for all of your csgo sealed graffities (Im collecting them) so if it's ok for you send me trade offer please. Link in my bio