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If you need to add me, drop a comment with what you need! Only add me if we're friends, or if you need something - please don't add me at random or because you like my addons. Thanks!

**I am not currently taking on any commissions at this time.**
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A collection of my prototypes, competition gamemodes and maybe some commissions.

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DART - Turn-based tactical tank game inspired by Pocket Tanks and Worms3D
HEX - RPG Arena Shooter

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Hello, I currently host Eggroll's Gun Game with your gamemode! I was wondering if you could help me out to maybe tweak some things I have concerns about? They're very minor yet I feel like they could be slightly simple fixes but I myself do not know how to code lua. I have a very very basic understanding of it but would love if you could reach back out to me and see if we can do something, please friend me a friend request on steam and we can chat. Thank you for everything!
Demonkush Jul 18 @ 10:50am 
Feel free to use any of my maps for anything, just be sure to credit where it came from if you modify or re-upload!
*Baphomet* Jul 18 @ 6:26am 
Reaching out to you to ask if I could possibly use one of your maps, thanks!
Two Legged Rat Feb 22 @ 3:39pm 
Howdy, I really like the gun game addon you made and would be interested in trying my hand at hosting a server for it! It'd be my first time attempting to do such a thing but i'll give it a test, if you could help me figure out some of the peculiarities of the addon in order to do that itd be greatly appreciated
Demonkush Jan 6 @ 6:34am 
Sorry, I'm not doing any commissions right now. I will update my profile when I am ready to take on jobs again!
TurbAnik Jan 4 @ 4:44pm 
Hello ,I need help with making addon ,
I check full internet for a man who makes addons , from ideas another people , but I don't found anything , I hope you can help me.
P.S. sorry for a lake of mistakes