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main game: idk right now :Hearty:


An ak-47 a day keeps the Counter-Terrorist away:Dignity:

feel free to add me ofcourse :steammocking:


PC SPECS: :rockobstacle:

Motherboard: gygabite b150m
Gpu: MSI Gaming GTX 1060 OC 3gb
CPU: i5-6600k 3.5ghz
RAM: 16GB HyperX 1866 mhz
250gb SSD
Windows 10 Pro
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Sir Joey Jul 12 @ 2:21am 
Daniel you should take that offer, I don't think it's a scammer.
Esther Jul 12 @ 2:18am 
Hi, I left csgo trading and csgo in general (the reason is the last update), so I give all the skins of my inventory to those who want to continue playing CSGO. I Give my Karambit Tiger Tooth for 10-15 inexpensive skins(absolutely any ), send me an offer. My link in my description profile (bio)
Bananitja ッ Jun 21 @ 4:04am 
john von laxnacke yeah autism
John Wayne Jun 9 @ 2:22pm 
I think you are a man of no quality
You are the first person to let me have this idea
You can't even manage yourself, and what to judge others
I never scolded others
But your remarks make me unbearable
You are an unbroken loser
John von Laxnacke Jun 9 @ 2:20pm 
KNЯZЬ Jun 3 @ 2:36am 
Ez win :hearth1: