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Hey there, welcome to my shitty profile, i am DMontez or officially known as that one terrible spy main. xd (If seem cancerous to you, I sincerely apologize.)
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Giant Wall of Text You Won't Read.
:happycthulhu: Friend Requests
Go ahead and feel free to add me, unless you meet any of these conditions then dont even bother or you will get blocked, even if you do add me and attempt these later you will also be blocked. (Scammers, Phishers, Lvl 0's, Beggars, and Private Profiles, or Inventories that are Private.), If you do add me ill check your profile to see if you dont meet any of the conditions previously stated, unless its for trading. Exceptions may apply to Private Profiles, for trading reasons, also I have a its DMontez#1376 feel free to add me there aswell.

:woo: Trading
If you are here to trade stuff click Here but dont ask for things im generally not selling.
Look on my TF2 Outpost Page [] to see if im trading stuff.

:reheart: A Little About Myself
I am DMontez as most you may have known, I play those vidya games yada yada, you know all that good stuff when I have available time. I play indie games, such as Binding of isaac Rebirth :isaac:, Terraria :terraria:, and Don't Starve :dsham: and even other titles, look at my games library to see what I usually play. I am a fellow Spy Main, I usually suck at it but its all about fun right? ahahahhaha yes.

:csgoglobe: Notable Friends
These are people I usually play with or chat to alot.
Jon | Rudy <-- I couldnt decide who should be on top so I put both of them on top.
Exgen <-- Rezz is the best to him and loves hoarding TF2 items.
Heroic <-- Game Designer Guy
☭ Potatotro ☭ <-- #1 Commie
Bobdor <-- Hamoud Habibi
Dem_I's <-- Haha TF2 Demoman
Jack <-- The """""cheater"""""
Eddient <-- Romania Guy #1
Negative Zero <-- Romania Guy #2
Dark Fury <-- iKonakona Impersonator
Unknown_Files <-- Surviver of Hurricane Matthew
Soopcan <-- Semem Knad
Shadtic <-- Edge Lord
Demize <-- idk if he's alive anymore.

:repill: Online Status
Online : Feel free to message me or do a trade request.
Online Mobile : Most likely means steam is glitched on my phone or I am away from my pc and probably wont be back for a while.
In-Game : Still send me messages if you want, and if you want me to play with you just ask, dont take it personally if I say no though.
Away : I Most likely wont see anything from steam but still feel free to message me, I might just be on youtube or something.
Busy : Self explanitory.
Offline : Usually means im sleeping, internet dying, steam down, not wanting to bother people, ect.
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bobdor Mar 10 @ 4:13am 
+rep i forgot to do this
Rudy Mar 6 @ 8:33pm 
Heroic Jan 13 @ 7:13pm 
why the fuck are you cyberbullying me dude, honestly whats your issue. i just come to esea to enjoy myself and try to escape the constant harassment i face every single day and then you have the nerve to come onto my profile and write shit like that. honestly what the fuck would inspire someone to say something like that, i can't even fathom what kind of abuse you must've faced in order to think that unwarrented comment was even remotely okay. whenever i show up to class and sit down everyone starts laughing and touching me and shit and its just so fucking frustrating. i'm wearing a hoodie and everything trying to blend in and people just won't leave me be. but you've somehow still managed to ruin my day. thanks a lot bud
dirtygolem Nov 13, 2017 @ 8:50pm 
..............„-~''-,::::::::::::::::::: ''-„
..........,~''::::::::',:::::::::::::::: ::::|',
.........'|:::::|: : : : : : : : : : : ::: : |,'
........|:::::|: : :-~~---: : : -----: |
.......(¯''~-': : : :'¯°: ',: :|: :°-: :|
.....'....''~-,|: : : : : : ~---': : : :,'
...............|,: : : : : :-~~--: : ::/ NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP
......,-''\':\: :'~„„_: : : : : _,-' NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOOOWN
__„-';;;;;\:''-,: : : :'~---~''/|
;;;;;/;;;;;;;\: :\: : :____/: :',__
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;',. .''-,:|:::::::|. . |;;;;''-„__
;;;;;;,;;;;;;;;;\. . .''|::::::::|. .,';;;;;;;;;;''-„
;;;;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;\. . .\:::::,'. ./|;;;;;;;;;;;;;|
;;;;;;;\;;;;;;;;;;;',: : :|¯¯|. . .|;;;;;;;;;,';;|
;;;;;;;;;',;;;;;;;;;;;\. . |:::|. . .'',;;;;;;;;|;;/
;;;;;;;;;;\;;;;;;;;;;;\. .|:::|. . . |;;;;;;;;|/
;;;;;;;;;;;;,;;;;;;;;;;|. .\:/. . . .|;;;;;;;;|
p.s Spy got rekt m8
Send Noods Sep 18, 2017 @ 9:09am 
more like can of soop
Lets lower the skill celing of a weapon that requires skill by inserting randomness lmao.