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Sup, here. Just a random person from the Internet.

Q/A :

(?) - Q1. Would you like to be my friend ? :

(!) - I’d surely (do) need to recognize you, if you want to be in my contacts list

(!) If I still don’t know you, go send a message down into my selections of comments with an interesting reason, otherwise I’ll decline your friend request if you didn’t comment first after couple hours.

(?) - Q2. Which language do you frequently speak in real life?

(!) - French and English. I can also recognize a few other languages but that would be nice if you can speak in English.

(?) - Why do you have a higher rank in your Steam profile?

(!) - I sold couple of expensive items in my inventory cause I’m not having fun to keep it them up anymore and I get easily bothered by ton of people or even being trolled by people, good times.
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It was fun to spam, and make admin scream:ccknight:
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no way i found my lost long twin brother
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+rep Hero :stars:
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Big Shungus is Real