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Dio Oct 17 @ 9:53pm 
Cow eats Grass (Exposed)
Cow Oct 10 @ 10:12am 
you gotta admit tho, they smell intoxicating
Temmie Oct 8 @ 6:38am 
sheesh boys are weird
Cow Oct 7 @ 11:02pm 
sniff sniff
omgomgogmogmgom you're right!
I can smell a boy somewhere here!!!!!! he smells like a boy!!!
IM FREAKING OUT AS WELL!!! lemme take a quick breather, to compose my self
sniff sniff
omg i cant calm down when the sweet sweet scent of a guy is here!!!!!
Im with you cramik, this boy scent is driving me crazy!! ANY BOYS READING THIS HIT ME UP IN DMS YALL ♥♥♥♥♥♥ SWEET SWEET SMELLING CUTIES!!!
. Oct 7 @ 3:41pm 
sniff sniff
i-is that a BOY I smell? sniff sniff
mmm yes I smell it! BOYSMELL!!!! I smell a boy! W-What is a BOY doing here?!?! omygosh what am I gonna do?!?! THERE'S A BOY HERE! I'M FREAKING OUT SO MUCH!!!! calm down calm down and take a nice, deep breathe....
sniff sniff
it smells so good! I love boysmell so much!!!! It makes me feel so amazing. I'm getting tingles all over from the delicious boyscent! It's driving me boyCRAZYIIIIII if u are a boy and u are reading this, I just wanted to say hiiiii cute boy!!!! I love you!