I am an impossibility. - Chiruno Data
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Books let you imagine extraordinary things, movies let you see extraordinary things, but video games... they let you DO extraordinary things
We just can't understand infinity. Maybe god can. But with our finite minds we can't. So, let's use the concept if we must - but let's not try and understand infinity.
A blind person says "color's don't exist."
Happiness is meaning itself.
I don't want to talk, play, nor have fun.
You're so cute, it ticks me off and I want to hug you!
Now, I believe it is time for a new approach that's free from the influence of conventional wisdom.
What do I need to end my war?
Loq wuality.
If you must take it, take it from me!
Time is out of joint. O cursèd spite,. That ever I was born to set it right!
One for nonsense, all for nonsense!
There's no point in saving anymore.
I would like to express the extent of my gratitude to you.
You may come to regret the day you tried to manipulate me.

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I am Chdata ♠. The girl in my avatar is Chdara ♥.
My brother is Kedata ♣.


A heart.
Level 64 on steam. I accept free cards if anyone would like to relieve themselves of them. Most are worth only a nickel.
Grimm Hatte/Surgeon's Stalhelm (circling hearts) 73keys
Western Wear (haunted ghosts) - "Hale's Worst Nightmare" - "PROPERTY DAMAGE" 20keys
Hat of Cards + Aces High 45keys
Memory Leak unusuals.


You thought I didn't know?
Since I can always see through people's minds
I'm powerful

I know it all.
Lunatic eye, unblinking, time of strength
Your true intention is leaking out
Even in silence, I hear; I use this insight

You thought I was an ordinary being?
Noone can conceal everything from me
It's just like that

Some say I know too much
Lunatic eye, observing, devious eye
You could stay quiet. Hide.
It doesn't matter. I'll find out eventually.

Because of these words
I'm powerful
Without them,
I am as weak as them

I'm the one who knows it all
Lunatic eye, critical, analyzing
I am not afraid.
Knowledge is power; Don't let it blind you

I am a lunatic. I am unfettered.

~Lunatic Eye

You will be missed, drifter.

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Random quotes!

im gona make a vocoded sample of the words "Mango Sunshine" and make a beat with it
just to really consfuse the fuck outa people
mango sunshine
i promise you though
i will do a piece like that
it will be like
ytp dubstep
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I'm the Server Owner of TF2Data .
I was also one of the main developers from ASMT, made by Talkhaus.
I was also one of the main developers of Versus Saxton Hale. Try out my server ;p
I was also one of the main developers of Custom Weapons. Reeeally try out that server ;o
I happen to be an old friend of p4plus2... lel.

Personality: Netroverted INT(P&J) Kuudere
DPI Settings: 3500
TF2 Sensitivity: 4.5

If you invite me to a raffling group, I will remove and potentially block you.
Currently too busy to do code commissions for anyone other who I'm already helping.
I am not interested in community merging (killing and eating).
I regularly clean my friends list. I only join groups I seek to join myself.
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Current hobby: Sleep

Server listing (Links automatically open TF2 and connects):
[24/7] Chdata's Versus Saxton Hale. .... | VSH:Data | []
[24/7] Chdata's Casual TDM Hightower . | TDM:Data | []
[24/7] Chdata's Sniper Pub .................. | SNP:Data | []
[24/7] Chdata's Custom Weapons Data . | CWD:Data | []

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Rep thread:

If you'd like to use me as a middleman, I can trade between Steam and Runescape only.

Am I really me?
My Steam account was made June 19, 2011 at 10:32pm (check the "years of service" badge).
I'm the administrator of my steam group, TF2Data.
My Steam currently has 300+ videos from
I have 9,450+ hours in TF2.
I am level 32+ on Steam.

Updated VSH 1.55:
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Oh that sucks yo
Christmas Alter Nov 3 @ 2:49pm 
Nah, i cant see the textures either.
I think it's only me though cause I asked others and they say they can see the textures