Niko   Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud, Cuba
I suggest You to look through the information about me below. Thank you!

I'm polite and cheerful person. If Your appeal to me is the same, we'll be friends :)
╠╦▪Appeal to those players who invite me to play:
╠╦▪If I don't respond to Your invitation-I'm busy.
╠╦▪Play only on Saturday/Sunday. On weekdays maybe 1-3 mix.
╠╦▪If You think that I play bad-vote for kick, or give me the time.
╠╦▪Appeal to those players who want to add me or surprised that I have so few friends on Steam:
╠╦▪If I haven't added You, just haven't added You.
╠╦▪Friends on the Internet does not exist, I have enough and that the number of players in list to play when I want.
║╚▪Thank you all. Ciao!:steamhappy:

I don’t wanna be another wave in the ocean
I am a rock not another grain of sand
I wanna be the one you run to when you need a shoulder
I ain’t a soldier but I’m here to take a stand
Because we can!

The iCat is a feline version of the iDog. Similar to the iDog, it reacts to music from an external source, such as an MP3 player. It features seven flashing LED lights on its face and has the ability to "dance" to the beat of the music. It also has switches on its tail, head (nose), and 6 touch sensors which allow it to react to user input. Like, the iDog, its LED light color patterns display various "emotions" based on user interaction and the music played.

Like a euro server^^

Solo las mujeres piensan en el amor. Los hombres aman sin pensar.

I like to listen:
Papa Roach, Nickelback, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Prodigy, Lostprophets, Evanescence, Skillet, Depeche Mode, The Offspring, 30 Seconds To Mars, GreenDay, Queen, The Rasmus, Sub Focus, Bon Jovi.

Rock-Cat \m/ ^.^ \m/
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I like NFS for that.