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I'm a guy who enjoys games and is interested in programming. I'm currently into Garry's Mod, and Sandbox. I enjoy other games too, such as Homeworld, War Thunder, Minecraft, and more. Below is some more information, and a list of my most notable experiences throughout my time in Garry's Mod.

• SteamID: STEAM_0:0:145367981                   • SteamID64: 76561198251001690
• SteamID3: [U:1:290735962]                             • SteamCustomURL: Aspect12

Youtube                    • Github []
Twitter                      • Discord(Aspect™#5665) []

Projects currently involved with:

Founder of HL2RP Hub. []
Lead Developer at Willard Networks. []
Developer at Project Envisage. []
Developer at Fallout: Unity. []

Past Projects:

Founder/Ownership Positions:

Founder of Lancer Networks. []
Founder of Caretion. []
Owner of Dissociative Roleplay. []

Development Positions

Developer & Operator at New Haven Networks. []
Developer at Avalon I. []
Developer at Aftermath. []
Developer at Plex Gaming. []
Developer at Hex Roleplay. []
Developer at Project Valhalla. []
Developer at Radroach Roleplay. []

High-Ranking/Manager Positions:

Server Manager at Avalon II. []
Senior Administrator at Vanguard Roleplay. []
Senior Administrator at Izzy Roleplay/Nexus Gaming. []

Staff Positions

Moderator at Cloud Sixteen. []
Administrator at Chervon HL2RP. []
Administrator at Sinners Roleplay. []
Administrator at ArkaneRP. []
Moderator & Gamemaster at TeslaCloud. []
Operator at Providence Gaming. []
Operator at Origins Networks. []


Staff Mentor and Moderator at Prime Nation. []
Moderator at BanditRP. []

Developer at Ascension Networks. []


Pre-Alpha Tester of Fallen Lands & Metro Universe [] at Lightward Studios. []
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[h1]WN Content Pack[/h1]
Contains materials and model assets used by Willard Networks.

[h1]Under no circumstance may you re-upload our custom assets made for WN without our explicit permission.[/h1]
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Aizer Jun 2 @ 12:54pm 
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Moon Jun 2 @ 12:26pm 
Wow this hit home really hard, great write up.

Like I said before I can just feel your energy through the screen you are a true semen retention connoisseur.
Aizer May 24 @ 12:59am 
Stop posting in my girlfriends profile if you dont want to get in trouble, busy boy ;)
Moon May 7 @ 7:15am 
I wish I had a girlfriend. I am 26 years old and never had a girlfriend in my life before and I am still virgin. I will trust the process of life.....I hope I will not end up alone.
Moon May 7 @ 5:42am 
Oh my gosh, this was one of the most beautiful steam profile, I've ever watched.....
I really don't like to compare it to moon, garry, the promise neverland and other steam profile that I watched so far...
I just can't get over this beauty, this is indeed an profile which I highly recommend to all.
I don't know why this was so underrated.