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I'm an guy who enjoys games and is interested in programming. I'm currently into Garry's Mod, and Sandbox. I enjoy other games too, such as Homeworld, War Thunder, Minecraft, and more.

• SteamID: STEAM_0:0:145367981                   • SteamID64: 76561198251001690
• SteamID3: [U:1:290735962]                             • SteamCustomURL: Aspect12

Youtube                    • Github []
Twitter                      • Discord(Aspect™#5665) []

Projets currently involved with:

Founder of HL2RP Hub. []
Developer at Fallout: Unity. []
Developer at Werwolf Gaming. []
Developer at Midcentury Modern Networks. []
Developer at Ascension Networks. []
Moderator & Alpha Tester of Kaon at []

Past Projects:

Founder/Ownership Positions:

Founder of Lancer Networks. []
Founder of Northline Roleplay. []
Founder of Saints Roleplay. []
Founder of Cinder Two. []
Founder of Caretion. []
Owner of Dissociative Roleplay. []

Development Positions

Backend Developer and Operator at New Haven Networks. []
Developer at Avalon HL2RP. []
Developer at Plex Gaming. []
Developer at Hex Roleplay. []
Developer at Project Valhalla. []
Developer at ComTac Gaming. []
Developer at Radroach Roleplay. []

High-Ranking/Manager Positions:

Server Manager at Avalon II. []
Super Administrator (Whitelist Manager) at Vanguard Roleplay. []
Super Administrator at Izzy Roleplay/Nexus Gaming. []

Staff Positions

Moderator at Cloud Sixteen. []
Administrator at Chervon HL2RP. []
Administrator at Sinners Roleplay. []
Administrator at ArkaneRP. []
Moderator & Gamemaster at TeslaCloud. []
Operator at Providence Gaming. []
Operator at Origins Networks. []


Staff Mentor and Moderator at Prime Nation. []
Moderator at BanditRP. []

Misc Positions

Pre-Alpha Tester of Fallen Lands & Metro Universe [] at Lightward Studios. []
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[h1]LN City Eight 2[/h1]

This is an edit of the City 8 2 map for the Lancer Networks [] communit
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Created by - Aspect™

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who are you
where am i
where is reznov
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I've removed some people who I don't recognize and haven't talked to in a long time - if you feel like I removed you wrongly, please comment and add me back.
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have a good and nice weekedn saturday day :nekoheart:
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Aspect™ Jul 17 @ 1:24am 
It's not 'sexual activity', you sick fυck. It's pedophilia.