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This is an edit of rp_city8_2_hl2_e but with some fixes and slight changes. See the list below:

* Fixed two combine props clipping through the nexus roof.
* Fixed the two double doors in the alley which were linked to each other.
* Fixed the nexus int
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Created by - Aspect™
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Current Employment:

Founder of Lancer Networks. []
Founder of Northline Roleplay. [PAUSED] []
Developer at Radroach Roleplay. []
Alpha Tester of Timefuser [] at Cloud Sixteen. []


Founder of Saints Roleplay. []
Founder of Caretion. []
Founder of Cinder Two. []
Owner of Dissociative Roleplay. []
Server Manager at Avalon II. []
Backend Developer and Operator at New Haven Networks. []
Backend Developer at Suoluben Roleplay. []
Developer at Avalon HL2RP. []
Developer at Plex Gaming. []
Developer at Hex Roleplay. []
Developer at LongWinterRP.
Developer at ComTac Gaming. []
Super Administrator (Whitelist Manager) at Vanguard Roleplay. []
Super Administrator at Izzy Roleplay / Nexus Gaming. []
Administrator at Chervon HL2RP. []
Moderator & Gamemaster at TeslaCloud. []
Administrator at Sinners Roleplay. []
Administrator at ArkaneRP. []
Captain / Moderator, Knight, Midshipman and Cadet at the un-official /r/partyparrot discord server. []
Staff Mentor and Moderator at Prime Nation. []
Operator at Providence Gaming. []
Operator at Origins Networks. []
Moderator at Cloud Sixteen. []
Moderator at BanditRP. []
Moderator at Vex's Meme Emporium. []
Pre-Alpha Tester of Termini: Bellum of Machines [] at Rogue Electronics: R.G. []
Pre-Alpha Tester of Fallen Lands & Metro Universe [] at Lightward Studios. []
Member of the CW:BrainsoupRP Developer Group at Neutron Servers. []
Translator (Greek) of DATA WING. []


I'm currently into Garry's Mod, SeriousRP / HL2RP and I am a very active, Serious Roleplayer. I also enjoy other gamemodes and games too.

-Competent Graphics Designer
-Novice Source Engine Mapper
-Novice Source Modeler
-Novice Lua Coder

If you see an item in my inventory and you wish to trade, go ahead and add me after commenting.
If you need help with anything, again, feel free to add me.

Here is my Youtube Channel . It's not really active but I upload sometimes.

Here is my discord, where you can come and chat with me or whatever.


[10:20 PM]
Imperator RAD-X:
Nazi Germany should've won the world war.

shit shit


FBI open up

LK-520: time for some loli
Aspect: wtf
LK-520: pop
LK-520: lolipops
LK-520: you fucking nig
LK-520: fuck fbi is comming

It big

Aspect: im bored
Aspect: help
Aspect: reeeeeee
WolfHound: get postal it cure that
Aspect: n0
Aspect: it
Aspect: big
Aspect: thats what she said
WolfHound: its to big for ur tight ass XDDDDDDDDDDXXDSDXSDGFGFDHD

Talking about a server vol2

WolfHound: does it still have erpers
Aspect: idk
Aspect: still joining
WolfHound: find out i need to cum to something
WolfHound: JK
Aspect: wtf

Talking a vid that went viral about a child abuser or someshit


Uhhh pfp

sv_spud: dude that's some fucking sexy pfp
Aspect: thanks
Aspect: just made it
sv_spud: tell me the magic required
sv_spud: to make such a neato pfp
Aspect: photoshop
sv_spud: i need it
sv_spud: oh
sv_spud: im too poor to foto
Aspect: x d
sv_spud: you're mum good
sv_spud: she made you
sv_spud: and you made
sv_spud: that shit
Aspect: lmfao

Talking about a server

LK-520: i think i even got banned there
LK-520: im not sure
Aspect: You got banned everywhere nigga
LK-520: so true
LK-520: xD
LK-520: and somehow i am unbanned if needed
LK-520: feelsgoodman
Aspect: Yes
Aspect: Because of your good erp skills
Aspect: Master
Aspect: Namaste
LK-520: Namaste young erp student
LK-520: /me slaps dick against the tabble making a echoing slapping sound in the main hall
LK-520: and now bend over

Broke my nut

broke my leg again xdxdxd: ok i'll be back in like 15min
Aspect: what
Aspect: why
broke my leg again xdxdxd: neet to nut
broke my leg again xdxdxd: i mean
Aspect: oh
broke my leg again xdxdxd is now Offline.
broke my leg again xdxdxd is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in.
Aspect: LMAO

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Diet волк 19 hours ago 
added because you seem like a cool guy and i just want to play some games with you
𝒜𝓈𝓊𝓃𝒶💖 Sep 21 @ 1:08pm 
added to just be friends
a.operaia_ Sep 14 @ 10:21am 
hi aspect, i'm with moonatar, i'm adding you so we can communicate if necessary about lancer :) look forward to working with you!
La creature de coome Sep 12 @ 10:33am 
sir i cant add u can u add me please i want to make application to Civil Protection
--_---_ Aug 11 @ 2:34pm 
add me so I can invite you to Point Insertion aka Spectrum
Sky Jun 25 @ 11:01am 
Sorry for bothering you, I added you because I wish to obtain the city 8 vmf, thank you.