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A boy nicknamed Toby
:butterfly: Twitter @_Tobiased
:rarebutterfly: YouTube Tobiased
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What makes me Special
Heya, I'm Tobiased and most know me as a SFM Artist :movie: & :sentry: TF2 Youtuber :sentry:. I currently do Thumbnails for Muselk and various others, including Blapature Co and Occasionally I'll be working together with Desmond, Retro4214 and LightRod under TeamSource. Also I like these emoticons. :tongue: | :special:

Common Questions
• What's the request status??
OPEN []I will not take any through steam, however I insist you reach me through Discord or Twitter.

• Will you help me with Source Filmmaker?
Check out my SFM Tips guide or Join the TeamSource Discord; there are plenty of people there able to give you direct feedback.

•Can I invite you to a ste-

• Can I add you for anything?
I do not accept random adds; Leave a comment first. Steam is not the best place to contact me, however I reccomend jumping in my own discord server if you'd like to say hello. If it's for a trade, go here: Trade Link

• What Community Projects/Feats. have you been part of?
- Wallpaper Contest (2nd place)
- Muselk's Media Mob (Thumbnail Artist)
- Summer Stream 2016 (SFM Rep/Promo Artist)
- Blapature Co (Graphics/Promo Artist/Mod)
- TeamSource (Co-founding Member)
- (Promo Artist)
- TFCrew (Promo Artist)

How to know it's me:

:butterfly: Lv. 60+ Steam account
:rarebutterfly: 150+ Games & Artwork on account
:butterfly: Owner of the Terminal of Visionaries Group
:rarebutterfly: Creator of the "Galaxy Glimmer" submission & SFM tips Guide (featured on r/sfm)
:butterfly: Owner of a Self-Made Blapature Co. Badge
:rarebutterfly: 1 of 3 winners of the 2016 Homepage Contest []
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130 Hours played
• movement mechanics hit different tbh
• new map pog
• there's a battle pass & dailies to simp if ur bad at the game like me

• by the time you get decent loot, another delay for Cyberpunk will be announced
• servers are full of tryhard sweat 3000s
• in order to complete a battle pass, you're not allowed to play other games, rip

idk why i play this game
Video Showcase
Tobiased in TF2 casual
Bababooie Mar 27 @ 9:10pm 
-rep take "TF2 Youtuber" out of your profile. You haven't posted a video in 2 years. Your fans miss you. Post a video. Do one of those fake SFM art videos you do. It's even easier now with AI.
𝕯𝖚𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖙𝖊 Dec 26, 2023 @ 9:29am 
✅ + REP
      💌💟   💟💌
🔝      💌🌠💌      🔝
   ⚡      💟      ⚡
      💫         💫
✅ Cool guy !!!
Flaim Oct 30, 2023 @ 9:47pm 
The biggest +rep of all time. I remember this dude helping me so much when I was learning SFM around 2016-2017. His work has leapt miles ahead since then, and I'm super thankful for all his efforts! :ai_flare:
♥Xilekai♥ Oct 17, 2021 @ 10:09pm 
Can you please port the latest scream fortress maps to SFM?
- DUHASSTMICH - Sep 23, 2021 @ 6:36pm 
JayTuut Apr 19, 2021 @ 10:00pm 
baby u know that i miss u