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I will not add you if:
:scx_pakeball: You haven't commented on my profile stating why you're adding me in the first place
:scx_pakeball: You're asking for free stuff
:scx_pakeball: You're "collecting" me. I'm aware my steam level is higher than average and my profile looks pretty decent but those adds are cluttering my friend's list so I can't have them.
:scx_pakeball: You want to be friends. If we've met in server, on the Skial forums or I've said you can add me on stream, this might be different but this isn't tinder, I'm not here to make random friends who have probably just added me to break one of the rules above.
:scx_pakeball: You would like to make an appeal, head here [] for a Skial ban appeal and head here [] to appeal a Skial Scammer or Caution tag.
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I DON'T MIDDLEMAN (people from the scam reddit, this is for you)


Things that will determine and/or verify my identity

:crate: My steam join date was June 30, 2012 – 13:49:03 UTC [], also displayed by my current badge which displays 8 years of service
:crate: I have a Steamrep Green Shield from Skial
:crate: I have a Steam level of 150+
:crate: I have 12000+ hours on TF2
:crate: I have 250+ badges
:crate: My primary group is Skial Admins
:crate: I have at least 15 steamrep trusted staff members on my friend's list.
:crate: I will NEVER have a private profile
:crate: I have Steam Mobile Authenticator which means I'm out of Escrow
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:csgoglobe: My Steamrep (check for impersonators) []
:csgoglobe: My Backpack [][/u][/b]
:csgoglobe: My Trade Offer URL

Community Positions

:medicon: BGA Head Admin
:medicon: MCT Moderator (retired) []
:medicon: Skial Super Community Admin []
:medicon: Harpoon Gaming All-Trade Manager (retired) []

My Various Conditions for Steam Modes
:ar_earth: In-Game / Online - Will most likely respond.
:ar_earth: Online :tradingcard: - Will most likely not respond but it is probable.
:ar_earth: Away - Won't respond, most likely afk.
:ar_earth: Busy - Won't respond, things have come up.

Funny Quotes from Funny People
3:08 AM - riauku [MCT]: What do you want? who are you? What did you do with frank?'
3:08 AM - Sargent¥ [MCT]: I can answer all those questions with your mom.
3:08 AM - Sargent¥ [MCT]: except the last part wouldn't make sense
3:08 AM - riauku [MCT]: Well thats gonna be hard, she's in a urn

2:36 AM - USAFMike: 11:36 PM - Sargent¥ [MCT]: I can't believe I actually gave that guy a blowjob
2:37 AM - Sargent¥ [MCT]: 2:36 AM - USAFMike: Well you're the stupid kinda guy
2:38 AM - USAFMike: 9:46 PM - Sargent¥ [MCT]: I JUST ♥♥♥♥♥♥ a MORE THAN PLump TREE!
2:38 AM - Sargent¥ [MCT]: 2:36 AM - USAFMike: gg

9:12 PM - CanadianInvasion: yeah I was gone the last couple days
9:12 PM - CanadianInvasion: doing important ♥♥♥♥
9:12 PM - Sargent¥ [MCT]: Mhm
9:12 PM - CanadianInvasion: <sends picture of hockey tickets and popcorn>
9:12 PM - CanadianInvasion: like that

12:26 AM - Sargent¥ [MCT]: I need to think of skills I have an how they can be transferred into an occupation
12:26 AM - Sargent¥ [MCT]: and*
12:27 AM - Щ4ИҲ [DesA]: sex worker

12:33 AM - ♪.Remi.osu!: I got few friends from canada
12:33 AM - ♪.Remi.osu!: Nice people
12:34 AM - Sargent¥ [MCT] S> Buds: If I'm not one of them, I'll find you, smear peanut butter on your computer and ♥♥♥♥ on your rug
12:34 AM - Sargent¥ [MCT] S> Buds: k?
12:34 AM - ♪.Remi.osu!: Sounds hot

3:11 PM - Sargent¥ [MCT] #tipofthehats: I wish MCT would do a karaoke night
3:12 PM - ☭Dan☭.hlg #♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥: oh god no
3:12 PM - ☭Dan☭.hlg #♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥: I don't want to hear Penguin have aneurysm
3:12 PM - ☭Dan☭.hlg #♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥: He's going to kill someone

10:50 PM - Sargent¥ [MCT] #tipofthehats: my lvl 9 turtwig has been versing this lvl 17 flaffy for 5 minutes
10:53 PM - Sargent¥ [MCT] #tipofthehats: if you watched it from a far, it'd look like a flaffy and turtle were just ♥♥♥♥♥♥ it behind dirt
10:53 PM - Sargent¥ [MCT] #tipofthehats: turtwig*
10:54 PM - Sargent¥ [MCT] #tipofthehats: and a 10-year old boy was watching
10:54 PM - Shadows: sounds about right for japan

10:05 PM - SΔRGENT¥ (MCT): 4000 hours ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
10:06 PM - Shadows: Noob.

7:53 PM - Scooty Puff Jr.: I went to a private catholic school and I know of someone who had sex in one of the chapels and was caught by a teacher
7:53 PM - SΔRGENT¥ (MCT): and then they ♥♥♥♥♥♥
7:54 PM - SΔRGENT¥ (MCT): #threesome
7:54 PM - Scooty Puff Jr.: Remind me to never buy an erotic novel from you
7:54 PM - SΔRGENT¥ (MCT): I'll never make one lol
7:55 PM - Scooty Puff Jr.: According to my one hero and god among this world, Justin Beiber, never say never

1:50 AM - SΔRGENT¥ (MCT):
1:50 AM - SΔRGENT¥ (MCT): like my tits?
1:51 AM - SΔRGENT¥ (MCT): I think they're a pretty good drawing
1:51 AM - _inu: brb dumping my gf

2:27 PM - Eoj Charlie ⇋HG-A⇌: I WILL ♥♥♥♥ YOU
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2015 ToTH Custom Poster :)
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An all class, undersized bowler, tipped to the jauntiest of angles.
Two styles with either the hat or the band fully paint-able.

CHARITY ITEM - All of the money not going to Valve, wil be going to these guys:

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Status - Accepted for Game, Created by - Ruskeydoo and jeffonestep
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One of the best online multiplayer games I have ever played, both satisfying and thrilling. You would have to be a fool not to give this game a try. Valve, thanks for creating this spectacular game, You're the best! Even after 9k hours
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Did you ever wonder if there was a way to make some easy profit from a crate? No, you're certainly not going to have any luck with unboxing ; you've probably tried, and failed repeatedly. However, did you know there was a way to raise the odds of getting s
Fipico Nov 28 @ 4:11am 
Friendly Guy !!! ❤️ 
We can be friends  for future games ^_^ 
  "You only live once for a very short time, so make every second divine"

● Scams are spreading, please be careful.
● This is my only account,
● I DO NOT send links for trading, advertising
● Have a wonderful day
● Stay safe & take care

✅✅✅+REP Nice profile  
✅✅✅+REP Have a nice day !  
twitter user Nov 19 @ 3:08pm 
+rep super cool awesome and handsome and should totally play payday 2
CrazyMonkeyEats Nov 6 @ 2:05am 
where am i
Pancakesnchill Oct 18 @ 10:25am 
Hello, I have a serious issue regarding a scammer I'd like to talk about. I want to make sure that this is a correct assumption and speak to an admin about the issues that said 'scammer' brought to my attention.
Zachery Oct 17 @ 6:58am 
🦎 +rep good player🦎
Valentyne Sep 26 @ 2:43pm 
added because i am trying to buy a frostbite cotton head from shadows for 300-350 keys and he wont accept my friend request and/or respond to my comment in his group.