Arri Shi
Daniel Sora   Tucson, Arizona, United States
Today is a good day, my friends, a day that we will all remember. Throughout history, people have limited their potential and others for all kinds of reasons, from retaining control over a group, to keeping the ideas that they are superior in some way, to plain denial in everything they know.
Throughout time, we protected ourselves like this but our true limits are simply a myth. Truth is we have no limits, we have no boundaries, rise my friends, to an open mind, and free yourself from set ideals, decide for yourself who is right.
Come, follow, we are the new generation more sane, more evolved. Create a higher future for man, one that frees us of old limits. We can do it, because we are the next generation of thinkers.
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From niko niko douga to you, love you buddy
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Miss Hippo??
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see you in 1 month
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is that the bundesadler
Misery_ Jul 9, 2016 @ 8:30pm 
Sweet Voice guy lol
Category Theory Apr 2, 2016 @ 4:53am 
You mentioned last Dec. on my Far Cry 4 Weapons Guide ( that soldiers in the south carry 1911s and use them when they shoot while driving. I hadn't realized the implications of that until just today, and it turns out you made a pretty important point. I just wanted to give you some credit here for that good bit of knowledge, even though I didn't take understand it right away.