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The name is Majic and don't wear it out! I play TF2 and Deep rock and fighting games!

Here's a cool factoid! I have a comic!
Update status: Only on the Wattpad Version
Current artist: No official artist
Am I looking for artists: Yes
Will their be compensation: *eventually*

I am looking for any and all help on the comic, If you wish to help in anyway then feel free to message me on discord or steam!
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The Church of Pual Blart - Public Group
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Who the hell is this guy?
Well I'm just some dumb idiot on the internet. The fact that you're reading this means you either want to add me or I pissed you off in some video game and you feel the need to express that.
If you so desire to play games with me
I pretty much play every game in my library and with anyone really
So don't feel afraid to add me or hit me up for a game
I also have a discord if you want to regular message as I use that MUCH more often for socializing feel free to add me there as well -----> Majic#9838
As for games i absolutely love, I play the ♥♥♥♥ outta TF2, Deep Rock Galactic, and Blood Bowl 2
if you do add me, please leave a comment or reply when I message you cause I get added by tons of bots

Other dumb stuff about me
I'm a big Webtoons Nerd
I also read a few manga as well
I'm also a warhammer fantasy nerd
I'm being followed by a kid with a tuba
I play A LOT of DND (pathfinder mainly)
I like listening to bad music
small follower of TF2 Highlander
Used to be a moderator for a small trade server, you probs never heard of it
Was really into TF2 trading when I first started, not so much anymore (No I won't sell anything either don't ask)
Favorite TF2 classes, Scout and Heavy
Artwork Showcase
My soldier commission
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EllieDear Sep 13 @ 10:57pm 
robbed Sep 12 @ 9:55am 
our shotguns are kinda similar same warpaint n festivizer
ʙᴏʀᴛᴢ Sep 9 @ 3:01am 
I want to buy your spooky night Victory lap, offering 47 keys
Just Vibing <3 Sep 1 @ 11:03pm 
+rep after we talked about the blizzardy storm tipped lid he offered to buy me a new one as he had grown attached to the one that was my old one I will never know how to repay this Mann’s kindness
Just Vibing <3 Sep 1 @ 3:48am 
Hey, I uh just wanted to let you know you have hold of my blizzardy storm tipped lid that I got scammed out of you can check my backpack history and everything the guy who sold it to you set they’re inv as private so nobody else can see it in the history take good care of her for me, if you need proof it’s mine I’ll gladly show you