Xiphos eSports [x3] x3 [SL]
Xiphos eSports [x3] x3 [SL]
March 18, 2014
Sri Lanka 
ABOUT Xiphos eSports [x3]

Wield as One,Bow to None

Xiphos eSports, formerly known as Death Company (DC) was founded back in 2005 as a DOTA and MMORPG Clan founded by four friends who shared the same interests. Being the first clan in the history of Sri Lankan eSports and gaming, it also played a huge role in setting up Gamer.LK (Sri Lanka's Gaming and eSports community) also known as GLK. The word got out and the numbers started to grow as did the name Death Company. By mid-2007, DC started to take part in competitive gaming and ever since has been taking part in all most every tournament held in the local gaming circuit, winning several titles along the way until the recent SLCG ’13. We also hosted what turned out to be one of the largest LAN parties in Sri Lanka, which were known as the L-series LAN parties and successfully hosted them for 7 consecutive years. Death Company was mainly a casual gaming clan which had a few competitive teams who helped the newer members in improving their skills. As the year 2013 ended, we clearly understood the potential we have as a competitive gaming clan. Hence, Xiphos eSport was born. The former members of DC along with a new administration rebranded Death Company into Xiphos eSports.

The aim of Xiphos eSports is to offer its existing members an unique gaming experience along with the required guidance and support to strive them to achieve greatness. Also to provide new-comers with the chance to be mentored by seasoned veterans in order for them to experience the game at a pro level. We are dedicated towards taking Xiphos to a higher competitive level in Sri Lanka and continue to acquire young and new talent and maintain our consistency in performance as a clan.

As a clan that played a crucial role in the inception of Gamer.LK, we have continued to worked with them closely throughout the years and supported them in every aspect possible. As Xiphos, we hope to continue to do the same in the future and thereby play our part to improve the quality of Sri Lankan eSports. Over the years we have produced many Call of Duty 4, Counter Strike 1.6 and DOTA players who have represented the clan locally as well as our country internationally. We are in fact the biggest name in the Sri Lankan eSports scene.

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