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31. mars 2017
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Madness vs Machines Bug Report Thread
Please type !bug in-game and copy/paste the printout to this thread when you encounter a bug, and then describe the bug in your post. Otherwise, fill out the bottom template to the best of your ability.

To keep this thread tidy, we will remove posts of bugs that have been already addressed. If your post was removed but the bug wasn't fixed, simply post your report again!

Post format
Please detail any bugs you find, using the form(s) below:

Map & Mission Bug Template:
Server Number:
Map/Mission name:
Wave number:
Time the bug happened:
Describe the bug:
Any screenshots:

Please provide as much information as you can. Screenshots help us reproduce the problem, and the server number and mission name lets us find the demo file to see things break in front of our eyes. For the time fields, include the time listed on your PC clock + your time zone.

Thanks for helping us keep Madness vs Machines bug-free!
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Zeugziumy 5. okt. kl. 16:48 
Forwarded to Map Author.

Server Number: #8
Map/Mission name: Maplehill (Sawdust Storage)
Wave number: Wave 6/7
Time the bug happened: Saturday, October 5, 2019 (20:40:30 GMT -3)
Describe the bug: Again, the Tank Carrier for this mission simply went under the floor when it has reached the bomb hatch.
Any screenshots:
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Special 9. okt. kl. 12:35 
Server Number: 37
Demo: mvm_rustvalley_rc2_int_restless_robotics_1570648959.dem
Tick: 39506
Map/Mission name: Rustvalley RC2, Restless Robotics
Wave number: 2
Time the bug happened: 3:25 EST
Describe the bug: One of the flare pyros became invincible, took no damage. He was carrying the bomb, deployed, and was not ubered.
Sist redigert av Special; 9. okt. kl. 12:47
Zeugziumy 9. okt. kl. 12:59 
Not sure about the first bug, never seen it happen before. The upgrade station has been fixed in a future patch.

Bug no. 1

Server Number: #16
Map/Mission name: Oxidize (Overclock)
Wave number: Wave 5/6
Time the bug happened: Wednesday, October 9, 16:36:52 (GMT -3)
Describe the bug: This Soldier was stuck, it would have made our wave impossible to beat unless we had a Pyro, which was the case. Regardless, it's still a bug, as it can happen with a match with no Pyro.
Any screenshots:

Bug no. 2

Server Number: #16
Map/Mission name: Oxidize (Overclock)
Wave number: Wave 6/6
Time the bug happened: Wednesday, October 9, 16:54:04 (GMT -3)
Describe the bug: I was able to use the Upgrade Station near the Robots spawn on the last Giant Soldier, is this intentional? I think it shouldn't be possible while in a wave.
Any screenshots:
(This is not the Inspect menu, it's the actual Upgrade Station, as you can see the clickable pluses).

Here's another screenshot showing the Upgrade Station open:
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Blue Star 14. okt. kl. 10:46 
This can happen on Casino City. It prevents bots from picking up the bomb
Edit: Server #35 EU, happened around 19:30
Sist redigert av Blue Star; 14. okt. kl. 10:48
Sakuya Izayoi 14. okt. kl. 11:02 
Server Number: 34
Map: Hillside
Mission: Outdated processing
Demo: mvm_hillside_v7_adv_outdated_processing_1571073649.dem
Tick: 159207
Bug: bots stuck in spawn (1 soldier+2 snipers)

The 3 bots you can see far away are stuck
Sist redigert av Sakuya Izayoi; 14. okt. kl. 11:09
JPM岩 14. okt. kl. 15:03 
Server Number: 41
Demo: mvm_cyberia_rc5_exp_northern_lights_1571087058.dem
Tick: 229359
Wave 2
3:02 PM PST
Wave just stopped. No robots would spawn outside of Mini Sentries and Spies.
Zeugziumy 15. okt. kl. 15:10 
Server Number: #7
Map/Mission name: Powerplant (Particle Protocol) / Powerplant (possible any)
Wave number: Wave 3/6 (possible any)
Time the bug happened: Tuesday October 15, 2019 - 19:01:15 (GMT -3)
Describe the bug: The Sentry Buster can't get through this door if the Sentry is placed somewhere in here [2nd screenshot], and it won't try going another way. It will also detonate itself when trying to go through the door (seen in the same playthrough on Wave 4/6).
Any screenshots:
Sist redigert av Zeugziumy; 15. okt. kl. 15:25
Server Number: #11
Map/Mission name: Underground, Rustbelt
Wave number: 4/6
Time the bug happened: Tick 145180 of mvm_underground_rc3_adv_rustbelt_1571421247.dem
Describe the bug: Grapple Demo got stuck, no more spawned for the rest of the wave. Seems it got stuck back slightly into spawn, rendering it unable to re-fire the grapple
Any screenshots:
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